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 Erased: Babi Yar, the SS and Mee394b9f8-3f48-47ec-834a-c4682aafa0a8

Performed by Corey Weinstein with Saralie Pennington and Tom Herz
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:30pm
70 minutes (with discussion afterwards) | No Intermission | Ages 13 and up
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale

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  • September 28, 2016 7:30 PMErased: Babi Yar, the SS and Me 09-28-16
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Erased: Babi Yar, the SS and Me is about memory, the Holocaust and the
process of negotiating the personal and communal trauma of WWII.

The play recounts the story of the ethnic cleansing of the Jews by gunfire in the
Ukraine in 1941 using the established historical record as resources. And it tells the author’s
story as he grew up in a gilded Jewish ghetto in the backwash of the Holocaust; about how
his community managed the shock and trauma.  The 15 songs that provide the backbone of
the play are interspersed with narratives about what was done, what was lost, what was
erased in our lives, and what can be recovered even now.

In the J Weekly (4/28/16) Rabbi Jane Litman said of the play “(it) weaves together
music, memories and historical data as a metaphor for the complex strands of thought that
form contemporary understanding of the Holocaust. By juxtaposing flashbacks to the death
squads of Eastern Europe with the stories about the inchoate trauma suffered by a
generation of post-Holocaust American Jews,” she continued, Weinstein “underscores the
role that history plays in the lives of ordinary people.”

Corey Weinstein is a songwriter and clarinet player born in September 1944.  He
has published two CDs of music largely inspired by the klezmer and Yiddish stage musical
traditions and leads the klezmer band Umzist which performs only for free. On stage Corey
is joined by Saralie Pennington and Tom Herz who have sung with the San Francisco
Jewish Folk Chorus and in other venues in the Bay Area.

Daughter of a Garbage Manunnamed

Written and Performed by Maureen Langan
Developed with & Directed by David Ford
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 7:30pm
60 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 17 and up
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale

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  • October 5, 2016 7:30 PMDaughter of a Garbage Man 10-05-16
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DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGE MAN is a tale of Maureen Langan’s 1970’s upbringing in New Jersey, in which her Irish mother and Bronx-born father, a New York City sanitation worker, told her to work hard, get an education and life would reward her.

But is that true? How do you tell a girl to read and write when Kim Kardashian is getting the book deals, when making a sex tape is more valued than knowing the proper use of semicolons, when oiling up your ass leads to fame and fortune? WHO IS TO BLAME? Is it our parents’ fault? America’s fault? Yes and Yes!

DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGE MAN is a funny and moving work that contrasts America’s celebrity-obsessed culture with the personal struggles of Maureen’s parents and their goals for her to live the American Dream. Maureen taps into the hearts and frustrations of hard-working people everywhere who wonder if they, too, were raised wrong.

Maureen Langan is a standup comic and talk show host. Her show, Hanging with Langan, can be heard Sunday nights from 7pm-10pm on KGO radio in San Francisco. Maureen performed on Broadway with Rosie O’Donnell and opened for Steven Wright, Dennis Miller, and Joy Behar. She’d been featured on HBO, Gotham Live, Comics Unleashed, CBS, FOX, and HLN. She’d performed at festivals in Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Ireland, and the UK.

Maureen grew up in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, where there is no lake. Her desire to live in a style to which she had never been accustomed led her to attend Montclaire State University to study Communications and English. At the time, she believed that was the path to success.

My Stroke of Luck1

Written and Performed by Diane Barnes
Directed by David Ford & Rebecca Fisher
Developed with David Ford
Coaching by Jill Vice
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 7:30pm
72 minutes | No Intermission | All Ages
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale

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  • October 12, 2016 7:30 PMMy Stroke of Luck 10-12-16
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“An amazing life story… A wonderful woman to spend 75 minutes with.” -London Yoedeller

“Very honest…very uplifting…” -London Free Press

Diane’s horse suddenly charges through the arena as if she isn’t on his back. Unfortunately, she is. “Why isn’t he listening?” she wonders., never guessing he knows something she doesn’t. Other riders try to take the reins. Diane refuses. She doesn’t realize the wiggly ropey things in her hands are reins.

Diane is fine. She’s in control. Has to be. A mother of two young children, they’re always on her mind. She considers then rejects the possibility she is having a stroke. She knows the symptoms, and yes, she has the worst headache of her life, but she’s a doctor. She diagnoses strokes. Strokes happen to other people. Eventually, Diane releases the reins of her horse. It takes her a lot longer to release the reins of her life and then only when her 14 year-old song yanks them from her.

Diane Barnes has performed My Stroke of Luck at Monday Night Marsh, Tell It On Tuesdays, and at the Orlando, London, Ontario, and Vancouver Fringe Festivals. She will be performing at Solo Sundays on November 13.

After surviving the hemorrhagic stroke that inspired this show, Diane discovered improvisation (Patricia Marsden Ryan and BATS)! “Yes, And,” the mantra of Improv, opened an
alternate universe for this “Humm…show me the evidence,” skeptic scientist. Diane’s
first solo performance (W. Allen Taylor) shared her experience negotiating the hurdles to
single parent adoption. Audience response galvanized her with the power of storytelling
and she’s never looked back. Diane left the practice of medicine in 2010. Now a
Meisner trained actor, Diane completed The American Conservatory Theater’s Summer
Training Congress (modern and classic), studied with Anna Deveare Smith, Ann
Randolph, Keith Johnstone, and The D’ell Arte School of Physical Drama.  Diane has
appeared at The Marsh, Ross Valley Players, College of Marin, Studio One, BATS and
Pan Theater. Diane, a NYC transplant, 3rd generation physician is a graduate of
Stanford University and Yale University School of Medicine, board certified in Diagnostic

The Center of the Labyrinthunnamed

Written & Performed by Shelley Campbell
Developed with Ann Randolph & Joshua Townshend
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 7:30pm
60 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 15 and up
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale
A Benefit for the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

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  • October 26, 2016 7:30 PMThe Center of the Labyrinth 10-26-16
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After 25 years of spiritual seeking, through the sixties, a high minded ashram complete with brilliant unbalanced guru and imbibing the wisdom traditions of every culture, Shelley is devastated by the sudden death of her grown son.

Grief cracks her wide open as she finds her philosophical belief system is inadequate as it is washed away in the depth of her pain and disorientation. Full of sorrow and shame, she struggles to come to terms with her new life.

She turns to the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral to find a way to hold her regrets with a new awareness of the finality and closeness of death.

A  journey into forgiveness where with wit, black humor, and self-deprecation she discovers the center of her life is much simpler and closer to home than she imagined.