Marsh Rising

One-Night-Only performances of rising talent at The Marsh San Francisco. Marsh Rising presents works in progress that may be ready for an extended run. For information about putting on a Marsh Rising show, e-mail Sharon Eberhardt at

The Center of the Labyrinthunnamed

Written & Performed by Shelley Campbell
Developed with Ann Randolph & Joshua Townshend
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 7:30pm
75 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 15 and up
Tickets: $10 – $15 sliding scale
A Benefit for the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

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  • October 26, 2016 7:30 PMThe Center of the Labyrinth 10-26-16
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After 25 years of spiritual seeking, through the sixties, a high minded ashram complete with brilliant unbalanced guru and imbibing the wisdom traditions of every culture, Shelley is devastated by the sudden death of her grown son.

Grief cracks her wide open as she finds her philosophical belief system is inadequate as it is washed away in the depth of her pain and disorientation. Full of sorrow and shame, she struggles to come to terms with her new life.

She turns to the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral to find a way to hold her regrets with a new awareness of the finality and closeness of death.

A  journey into forgiveness where with wit, black humor, and self-deprecation she discovers the center of her life is much simpler and closer to home than she imagined.

What They Said About Loveunnamed

Written & Performed by Steve Budd
Directed by David Ford
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 7:30pm
53 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 16+
Tickets: $10 – $15 sliding scale

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  • November 16, 2016 7:30 PMWhat They Said About Love 11-16-16
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Best of Fringe: 2016 San Francisco Fringe Festival

“What They Said About Love was funny, poignant thoughtful, and revealing about the search for love. It was an amazing performance.” – Richard Connema of Talkin’Broadway

Steve Budd (actor and writer) asked a bunch of couples about the push and pull of love–that is, what keeps them from pulling apart despite annoying the heck out of each other. He spoke to some singles, too, about why they can’t seem to settle down. Meet a New Age couple that met before they met, an artist who can’t resist homeless guys in her West Oakland ‘hood, a guy who falls for women who remind him of his mother, and a pair of Metal Heads who thought it would be a hoot to get married on 6-6-6. Satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies abut how others look for love–and , in some cases, find it. This is documentary theater at its best, following in the footsteps of Anna Deavere Smith. Steve Budd brings 12 characters to life, using their words from hours of interviews. The piece was developed with the help and direction of David Ford at The Marsh, with additional assistance from Slater Penney.

Steve Budd is an actor, writer, storyteller, standup comic, solo perfromer, and single guy. He has performed at many Bay Area venues, including The Marsh, The San Francisco Fringe Festival, Tell It ON Tuesday, T.M.I., Busting Out, The Shout, The Vent, and Solo Sundays. He’s also acted with many local theater companies, including the San Francisco Playhouse, Custom Made, the New Conservatory Theater, Impact, and Marin Shakespeare. He lives in Oakland. Find out more at