Marsh Rising

One-Night-Only performances of rising talent at The Marsh San Francisco. Marsh Rising presents works in progress that may be ready for an extended run. For information about putting on a Marsh Rising show, e-mail Sharon Eberhardt at

Nice Is Not What We Dob06bebc5-c966-46a7-b50a-b17279afe153

Written and Performed by Kathleen Denny
Directed by Mark Kenward
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:30pm
60 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 14 and up
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale

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  • September 21, 2016 7:30 PMNice is Not What We Do 09-21-16
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“Funny, a wee bit poignant and entirely honest.” –Winnipeg Free Press

“Will leave you grateful…Profound.” — The Watermark – LGBT Newspaper of Central Florida

SOLD OUT at the San Francisco Fringe

Got a family? Ever wonder what might happen if people told the truth?

Kathleen tells the funny and unvarnished truth as she unwraps a gathering of her clan for their father’s funeral. She and a sibling will give eulogies. How do you sum up the life of a parent? Dad charmed the world, but not his own family. Step up for dueling eulogies!

Writer and storyteller Kathleen Denny is a relative newcomer to solo performance. Family tales and her work life as a union machinist and airframe mechanic grounded her short works for print and NPR, but she discovered the power of solo performance at The Marsh. David Ford, Ann Randolph, and the Monday Night Marsh series first put her words onstage. Nice is Not What We Do, her first full-length solo show, delighted festival audiences in Fresno, Boulder, San Francisco, Winnipeg, Canada, and Orlando. Kathleen is happy to bring it back to The Marsh.

Mark Kenward is the director of over 20 full-length solo shows. Four of those had runs at The Marsh, including Houston Robertson’s Victory for the Recycled Virgin.

Erased: Babi Yar, the SS and Mee394b9f8-3f48-47ec-834a-c4682aafa0a8

Performed by Corey Weinstein with Saralie Pennington and Tom Herz
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:30pm
70 minutes (with discussion afterwards) | No Intermission | Ages 13 and up
Tickets: $10-15 Sliding Scale

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  • September 28, 2016 7:30 PMErased: Babi Yar, the SS and Me 09-28-16
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Erased: Babi Yar, the SS and Me is about memory, the Holocaust and the
process of negotiating the personal and communal trauma of WWII.

The play recounts the story of the ethnic cleansing of the Jews by gunfire in the
Ukraine in 1941 using the established historical record as resources. And it tells the author’s
story as he grew up in a gilded Jewish ghetto in the backwash of the Holocaust; about how
his community managed the shock and trauma.  The 15 songs that provide the backbone of
the play are interspersed with narratives about what was done, what was lost, what was
erased in our lives, and what can be recovered even now.

In the J Weekly (4/28/16) Rabbi Jane Litman said of the play “(it) weaves together
music, memories and historical data as a metaphor for the complex strands of thought that
form contemporary understanding of the Holocaust. By juxtaposing flashbacks to the death
squads of Eastern Europe with the stories about the inchoate trauma suffered by a
generation of post-Holocaust American Jews,” she continued, Weinstein “underscores the
role that history plays in the lives of ordinary people.”

Corey Weinstein is a songwriter and clarinet player born in September 1944.  He
has published two CDs of music largely inspired by the klezmer and Yiddish stage musical
traditions and leads the klezmer band Umzist which performs only for free. On stage Corey
is joined by Saralie Pennington and Tom Herz who have sung with the San Francisco
Jewish Folk Chorus and in other venues in the Bay Area.