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Initiated in 1989 at The Hotel Utah, Monday Night Marsh is the seed that started the breeding ground for new performance. This program spotlights the ongoing works-in-progress of emerging solo performers of all levels and ages (16+). We feature a variety of actors, storytellers, musicians, contortionists, and playwrights. Many local celebrities like Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth developed their work here and so can you! Become a part of this special program, or come support the four-five different performers each Monday night in San Francisco. Experience the magic. Wonderful things can happen.

As each story on a given night can vary widely between subject matter, the recommended age limit for audience members is 16 and over.

Show Info

Time: Doors open at 7:00pm | Performances start at 7:30pm
Tickets: All tickets are $8, at the door only.
All seating for these performances are first-come, first-served.
Performances take place in the MainStage Theater in San Francisco.

How to Submit Your Piece

The submission period for our July – December 2017 series will open Monday, April 27. More information on how to submit will be posted on this date. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Program Director, Alexa Almira directly at

Upcoming Performances

(All performances located at our San Francisco Venue unless otherwise noted)

January 9 & 23

Directed by A. Lee Massaro, “You are Reminded That Your Safety is Your Own Responsibility” is Janna Goodwin’s new solo show, described on as follows: “Encounters with wildlife and nature’s fury; with human predators, bullies, and psychopaths–and with perhaps the most daunting of all forces, the fearful ‘Self’–unfold, set in landscapes of the American West. Janna L. Goodwin shares a series of hilarious misadventures, near-calamities and brushed with death, all true, and all of which will fill the listener with wonder…as in, “I wonder how any of us survive?'”

Janna Goodwin is a playwright, performer of comic, narrative solo work, director, and associate professor of communication and performance studies, one of the founders of KO festival of Performance at Amherst, a former member of variety of improv and sketch ensembles, and a longtime facilitator/director of devised and community-based work.

“IMITATION OF LIFE” by BevieJean Miles
BevieJean weaves a story about a 9 year-old girl who, in 1960 thinks she is happy, until the predicament of her life in the Jim Crow south comes to light while watching the movie “Imitation if Life.” The lesson from the movie experience teaches her the extent to which she and everyone she knows is sentenced to a life of sacrifice while living separately and treated unequally under southern White rules. She gives up her moment to shine as “Queen of 4th Grade” after her father retired from the military and returned home to announce to his family that they would be moving to California, immediately; precluding the honor of her being crowned.

BevieJean has dazzled audiences since her production at the 2013 “Artist Salon” at Roots of San Francisco. There, she was featured in this self-produced showcase of artist, transforming her written stories into live performances while transporting her audience in the process. BevieJean has traveled extensively and brings her vast experiences to her performances throughout the San Francisco and East Bay areas.

Sticking a stamp on an envelope and putting the envelope in a mailbox is such an impossible task for Marion, that she has to wonder: is this so difficult because she is the victim of some childhood trauma? Was there a family figure in her past who might have triggered this postal impediment? Ghosts wake up while she is trying to memorize the famous monologue “to be or not to be” and they raise many questions.

Hunted by the mob, haunted by waking dreams, Michael Conti wakes up in San Francisco wondering if he’s going mad. He turns to a Dream Guide for answers, but Michael’s past drags her into the harsh underworld and his mob pursuers into the world…and beyond!

David Caggiano is a playwright and solo performer. David’s plays include: “Walk Like a Man” at the Noh Space, One Acts; “The Arrival,” “The Tinker,” and “The Prophet” at the Soma Theater. David’s solo show “Jurassic Ark” won Best of San Francisco Fringe 2012 , and ran for 5 weeks at the EXIT Theater with sold out shows in Edmonton Fringe.

Maureen Langan’s 1970’s upbringing in New Jersey in which her Irish mother and Bronx-born father, a New York City sanitation worker, told her to work hard, get an education and life would reward her. But is that true? How do you tell a girl to read and write when Kim Kardashian is getting the book deals, when making a sex tape is more valued that knowing the proper use of semicolons, when oiling up your ass leads to fame and fortune? WHO IS TO BLAME? Is it our parents’ fault? America’s fault? Yes and Yes!

Daughter of a Garbage Man is a funny and moving work that contrast America’s celebrity-obsessed culture with the personal struggles of Maureen’s parents and their goals for her to live the American Dream. Maureen taps into the hearts and frustrations of hard-working people everywhere who wonder if they, too, were raised wrong.

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