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Initiated in 1989 at The Hotel Utah, Monday Night Marsh is the seed that started the breeding ground for new performance. This program spotlights the ongoing works-in-progress of emerging solo performers of all levels and ages (16+). We feature a variety of actors, storytellers, musicians, contortionists, and playwrights. Many local celebrities like Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth developed their work here and so can you! Become a part of this special program, or come support the four-five different performers each Monday night in San Francisco. Experience the magic. Wonderful things can happen.

As each story on a given night can vary widely between subject matter, the recommended age limit for audience members is 16 and over.

Show Info

Time: Doors open at 7:00pm | Performances start at 7:30pm
Tickets: All tickets are $8, at the door only.
All seating for these performances are first-come, first-served.
Performances take place in the MainStage Theater in San Francisco.

How to Submit Your Piece

The submission period for our July – December 2017 series will open Monday, April 27. More information on how to submit will be posted on this date. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Program Director, Alexa Almira directly at

Upcoming Performances

(All performances located at our San Francisco Mainstage unless otherwise noted)j

April 3 & 17

“ADAPT” by Mick Renner
ADAPT, set in the future, toward the end of the Great Climate Migration,  shows the clash of two civilizations that adapt in different ways to the onslaught of global warming. A solo performance of an epic story! Directed by Mark Kenward. Mick Renner has been a professor of English, a technical writer, and an actor. In the Bay Area, he performed at the Berkeley Rep, Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, and Eureka theatres. ADAPT is the second full-length solo performance he has developed with David Ford.

“PRETTY LITTLE WHITE GIRL” by Phyllis Dantzler
“Pretty Little White Girl” is a work-in-progress about growing up as a child racist in South Carolina. Raised in a small farm town near Charleston, SC during the 50s and 60s, Dantzler recalls her own racist past. After living in Charleston as an adult for eleven years, she defected from The South in 1982 and moved to San Francisco.

“DOLORES” by Mary Connors-Carson
Dolores Capomaggi has a secret to tell, but not to just anybody that comes snooping around. She’s also learned a few things about herself since the unexpected passing of her mob husband, Tony. Come learn about her secret, and hear a few of her stories in the process, with an unexpected guest popping in!

“TRAIN OUT OF DE’NIAL” by Suraya Keating
Join Suraya as she shares a heartbreaking true tale of family secrets, withholds and an overwhelming tendency to avoid and/or cover up the truth.  In Suraya’s attempt to break free of the crazy chaos of her family’s unconscious dramas, she must learn to let go of trying to change others and give love and focus to the one person she has any agency over: herself.

“OPERAGIRL” by Amanda Grumet
Operagirl is the journey of Amanda Grumet, a young singer who wanted to be a rock star so her parents sent her to the Eastman School of Music. She became an opera singer. You can put the opera into the girl, but you might not be able to take the rock and roll out of her. Operagirl explores the evolution of the many selves we all have inside of us.

April 10 & 24

“CREATING A LIFE” by Nicole E. Schulz
As a 4o something year old woman, I’m struggling not to have a cliched mid-life crisis. But the heart break of infertility, step-family-dom, a job that seems to be killing me, and a marriage on the rocks is not helping. So when my father has a heart attack; I lose it. A new trajectory is required. All the rules that have bound me to a life I can no longer bear must be unpacked and left behind.

“THE MEMORY OF LINT” Parts. 1 & 2 by Arthur J. O’DonnellIn June 1964, lightning struck a commercial laundry in Bayonne, NJ, burning it to the ground and forever changing the lives of employees and its owner – my father.This is the story of the people who worked at the Holland Laundry – a mix of African-Americans, Hispanics and other working class immigrants –and what happened to them after the fire.
At 50, Aimee is summoned by an Egyptian Mid Life Stargate Portal. She is asked to face her past. Ancient guidance helps her courageously dance in the poignancy between pain and joy. Will she awaken to her future assignment…?
What’s it like to have your very Catholic mom and dad read your diary at age 17 where there wasn’t much to do in your midwestern hometown but drive around in cars, party, watch football and fool around in the back seats of cars?  Come find out – you’ll probably recognize parts of yourself in this awkward, sad, yet funny tale.

“FOREVER JUNG” by Lindley Frahm
Midlife crisis hit Mr. Frahm like a whack on the side of the head. 
Throat cancer, Surgery, Radiation, Depression, and a crisis in his 30-year marriage….  What does it mean to re-invent oneself at 60? One of his guiding influences became the writing and theories of C G Jung, the well-known and controversial psychiatrist, who was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. Rather than share his personal story with you, Mr. Frahm will do the unthinkable by attempting to share his love and interest in this great thinker and philosopher by stepping into his shoes, and bringing him back to life for an evening with you.  With a pipe in his hand, Mr. Frahm, as C G Jung, will share his views on Love, Death, Music and more. Loosely based on the writings, lectures and interviews of Jung himself, please come prepared to laugh, smile and listen, as Mr. Frahm attempts to bring us this small glimpse of C G Jung himself, who lived in Switzerland from 1875 to 1961.

Special thanks to Ron Campbell (Acting Coach), Lynne Soffer (Dialect Coach) and Rob Reider (“The Art of Presence”).  Additional thanks for classes at the Marsh with Ann Randolph and Charlie Veron.

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