Monday Night Marsh


A San Francisco Institution for 30 years!

Initiated in 1989 at The Hotel Utah, Monday Night Marsh is the seed that started the breeding ground for new performance. This program spotlights the ongoing works-in-progress of emerging solo performers of all levels. We feature a variety of actors, storytellers, musicians, contortionists, and playwrights. Many local celebrities like Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth developed their work here and so can you! Become a part of this special program, or come support the four to five different performers each Monday night in San Francisco. Experience the magic. Wonderful things can happen.

As each story on a given night can vary widely between subject matter, the recommended age limit for audience members is 16 and over.

How to Submit Your Piece

Want the chance to perform on Monday Night Marsh and be a part of the magic? We will be accepting submissions for the July-December series starting Monday, April 13. Detailed information on what and how to submit, as well as performance dates, will be made available on that day. The submission period will remain open for approximately six weeks. If you have any questions, email Program Director, Alexa Almira, at

Happy writing!

Show Info

Time: Doors open at 7:00pm | Performances start at 7:30pm
Tickets Online: $8 – $15 sliding scale
Tickets At the Door: $10 – $15 sliding scale
All seating for these performances are first-come, first-served.
Performances take place in the MainStage Theater in San Francisco

Upcoming Shows

All shows performed in the San Francisco Mainstage unless otherwise noted

Spring 2020 Series!

February 10 & 24

February 24

“HE WANTS TO RUN” by David Kleinberg
David hates running and dogs but ends up running with his neighbor’s dog Butler for 13 years in Coverdale, CA.. This unusual friendship teaches David about living and dying. This is David’s fourth solo work following “The Voice,” “Hey, Hey, LBJ!,” and “Return to the Scene of the Crime.” David also was an editor/writer at the SF Chronicle for 34 years, editing the Sunday Datebook the last 14 years.

“THE LIGHTING OF A FIRE” by Elizabeth Du Val
In short, this is a thank you letter to the teachers in my life, and a window into the ballet world–the humiliations, boredom, and patient but demanding teachers that are a part of it. In long, it is an excerpt of a piece which wonders about passion and what happens when our road doesn’t lead where we had hoped. And introduced us to a few characters on the way. Elizabeth Du Val is a retired ballet dancer who failed to achieve greatness repeatedly, despite the determined efforts of brilliant teachers.

Bennet Caffee has performed “My First Miracle” depicting his misadventures living with bipolar mood disorder at several Fringe Festivals over the last couple of years. Last May, he performed “Elevator Pitch” as part of “You Don’t Know Me,” a group show produced by Toni Weingarten featuring performers with various mental health challenges. “My First Official Manic Episode” recounts his second manic episode when he was finally diagnosed fifteen years after his first.

“DRY BAR COMEDY SET” by Maureen Langan
I am taping a standup comedy special a week after this MNM performance in Provo, Utah for a company called Dry Bar Comedy, which has an online presence around the country and world. However, there is to be no cursing or taking the Lord’s name in vain, but having multiple wives is okay. That’s a hack, stereotypical joke. I take it back. I am using MNM’s valuable time to work on my non-cursing, Lord-respecting set to be revealed to all of Utah and beyond.

“TENT CITY” by Don Reed
Don Reed takes you into the world of homelessness through the sometimes humorous, assured tragic eyes of the souls he has met and his own personal experiences of having no place to go.

Don Reed (Snap Judgement/NBC/MOTH Host) is a TBA Theater Award Winner for his solo show “East 14th.” He is currently Co-Producing Robert Townsend’s solo show hit “Living the Shuffle” and has one of the lead roles in the Amazon Prime Series “Bartlett” –recurring role starring HAMILTON’S Lin Manuel Miranda.

March 9 & 16

“OH MYRA” by Geneva Rust-Orta
Geneva Rust-Orta is a local standup comic from Oakland, CA. She went to school in the UK to make her mom, mom’s wife, her other mom, her other mom’s wife, and her grandma, cry all at the same time. While Geneva did not miss them at all, she did start to talk about them constantly. Geneva’s mama drama eventually earned her the title “Second funniest Jew” in London, 2015. Since moving home, Geneva and her small tribe of mothers have jumped into the Bay Area comedy scene. Her moms love all her stupid jokes except the stupid ones. Well, her dumb mom likes them all. That’s why she’s the favorite. After 4 years of lovingly talking smack about her four Jewish moms, “Oh Myra” will get to the root of the problem: The matriarch who sired them all.

Geneva Rust-Orta is a Bay Area native but she did not run away that one time. She obtained her Bachelor’s in York, North Yorkshire, UNited Kingdom. It was there in the UK that Geneva developed her suave and smooth stand up comedy art. She has performed at SF Punchline, Cobbs, San Jose Improv, the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, Cinequest Film Festival, and COmedy Central’s Clusterfest Bay Area Showcase.

“OUT OF LINE” by Kathleen Denny
In “Out of Line,” every time Kat looks up, she sees that pinup calendar with a gal who is NOT demonstrating any mechanical technique! And this is just the tart of her eight hour shift. Kat is the first woman machinist the airline hired since the 1970s, one of a sassy new wave of Rosie the Riveters. Most people have not yet heard the term “sexual harassment.” What happens when Kat draws a line? “Out of Line” brings an aviation machine shop alive in this timely true tale from the front lines of women’s work. 

Kathleen Denny tells fresh and funny stories from life. “Out of Line” is rooted in the years she worked as a union machinist and aviation mechanic, one of the few women in those trades. An Oakland-based writer, she felt for the immediate connection of live performance. Her previous one woman show, “Nice is Not What We Do,” was directed by Mark Kenward, toured festivals throughout North America, performed at Bay Area venues and one monastery, and earned a Marsh Rising, Developed with help from Randy Rutherford, The Marsh, and Footloose Productions, “Out of Line” appeared at San Francisco Fringe and Rogue Festival under the title “Tolerance.” A lively audience at Speak Out Now! Women’s History event in Berkeley confirmed its power for discussion. Kathleen will share his story with Women in the Arts, an initiative of Alameda County Women’s Empowerment. Next stops: NorCal Fringe and Indy Fringe.

“TANTRUMS” by Alan Harris

This show consists of a series of monologues, or “trantrums.”

Alan Harris is a spoken-word “artist” who has been honing his “art” over the last quarter of a century at poetry readings mostly in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He doesn’t drink coffee or care about sports and is unlike you in many other ways.

He has been doing spoken word for about twenty-five years, the last ten here in San Francisco. He is a regular at many of the readings around town, including Sacred Grounds, Cafe International (hosted by Clyde Always), The Word Party, and On the Page, Off the Page.

This story takes place in the Mission. It deals with Aretha Franklin’s last concert at the Oakland Coliseum, and, not he way back, getting involved in a crime scene at 24th & Mission, an entourage of immigrants, and Jimmy Choo shoes. It’s Mission District Noir. This story was previously featured on the Muni Diaries podcast, Episode 72.

“YANGA GODDESS” by Yvonne Onakeme Etaghene

YANGA GODDESS is a performance piece that incorporates monologue, poetry, dance, movement, singing, music, and humor to explore what it means to be a Nigerian dyke navigating what feminism, grief, self-love, and healing look like an everyday life. 

Yvonne Onakeme Etaghene is an Ijaw Urhobo Nigerian dyke poet, performer, visual artist, author, and playwright. Etaghene wrote and acted in two one-woman shows: Volcano’s Birthrights and GUAVA. In 2015, she was awarded the Joseph Henry Jackson Award in short story fiction. She is the author of For Sizakele, (RedBone Press, 2015) a novel that address transcontinental identity, intimate partner violence, queer gender, and how we love as illuminators of who we are. Etaghene is the founder of Ankara Queen by Yv. Etaghene, a fashion line grounded in Nigerian aesthetics where she designs everyday fashion and couture pieces that provide space for a plethora of gender expressions while honoring and reimagining traditional Nigerian styles.

March 23 & 30

Special Monday Night Marsh presents the works-in-progress from a festival that will feature performances by formerly incarcerated people. The official festival will take place in June at The Marsh Berkeley. Produced and Directed by Mark Kenward & Rebecca Fisher.

April 6 & 20

“FROM SOUND CLOUD” by Lev Zeiger
“JUVIE” by Manuel Fernandez
“DEAR GENDER” by Diana Lauren Jones

April 13 & 27

“WHERE IS SAFETY?” by David Steinore
“THE ROAD UNRAVELED” by Skip Goodman
“VICTIM-DEFENDANT” by Christa Sacco
“BURNING MAN” by Jane Gire

May 4 & 18

“IT’S THE FIRE’S TURN” by Joseph M. Mallon
“SWANA KING” by Vera Hannush
“WE ARE ALL FRIENDS” by Molly Rose-Williams

May 11 & 25

Special Monday Night Marsh presents the works-in-progress from a festival that will feature performances by formerly incarcerated people. The official festival will take place in June at The Marsh Berkeley. Produced and Directed by Mark Kenward & Rebecca Fisher.

June 1 & 15

“NOTHING TO SAY” by Celina Reynes
“FIREFLIES OF COMEDY” by Sally Love Saunders
“HERE’S WHAT’S NEXT” by Sharon Eberhardt
“DR. IT” by M. Mather George
“KIND OF A DRAG” by Richelle Slota

June 8 & 22

“NO EXIT” by Michal Victoria
“WITH WAAN STAAN” by Karen Roekard
“GENDER JOURNEY” by Llano River Blue

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