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Initiated in 1989 at The Hotel Utah, Monday Night Marsh is the seed that started the breeding ground for new performance. This program spotlights the ongoing works-in-progress of emerging solo performers of all levels and ages (16+). We feature a variety of actors, storytellers, musicians, contortionists, and playwrights. Many local celebrities like Marga Gomez and Josh Kornbluth developed their work here and so can you! Become a part of this special program, or come support the four-five different performers each Monday night in San Francisco. Experience the magic. Wonderful things can happen.

As each story on a given night can vary widely between subject matter, the recommended age limit for audience members is 16 and over.

Show Info

Time: Doors open at 7:00pm | Performances start at 7:30pm
Tickets Online: $8 – $15 sliding scale
Tickets At the Door: $10 – $15 sliding scale
All seating for these performances are first-come, first-served.
Performances take place in the MainStage Theater in San Francisco.

How to Submit Your Piece

Want the chance to perform on Monday Night Marsh? Our submission period for the July – December 2018 series will open Monday, April 23, 2018. If you have any questions, please email Program Director, Alexa Almira at

Upcoming Performances

(All performances located at our San Francisco Mainstage unless otherwise noted)j


March 5 & 19

A comic review of my energetic attempts to be fit and how these attempts have backfired.

“ALL THAT IS UNSAID” by Susie Chang
Susie takes her boyfriend on a ghost tour to celebrate their love, even though she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Or does she? Travel along as an unassuming tourist spot leads to a candid untangling of her relationship with men and a closer look at her family’s mysterious past.

“I NEED A HUG” by Daniel Shively
This piece will be about a string of experiences that has led me to one of the most exciting time periods in my life. From finding my roommate dead in his room, riding my bicycle from New York to San Francisco in 62 days, living in my car for a year to being a private investigator, a stand-up comic, and now a tech conformist all in the pursuit of getting a hug.

“TENNESSEE TIMES” by Rebecca Fisher
A piece currently in development for the Times Unseen Project.

“I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED” by Carrie Kartman
Imagine if you will: twin brothers, their mother, father, and grandmother embark on a Sunday stroll, never suspecting what awaits them–a deadly mushroom species. Amanita Phalloides. They are about to enter the twilight zone. This toxic tale will be presented in two parts.

March 12 & 26

“THE JAP BOX” by David Hirata
As a newly formed nation struggled to define what s truly “American,” stage magicians could play their own shell games with race and identity, onstage and off. This is the story of three American Wizards–the Boston cabin boy who became America’s first magician, a Japanese born star of the Victorian era, and a 21st century magician trying to make sense of their secrets. Developed in The Marsh’s “Elements of Solo Performance” class.

Carol is a volunteer and member of the church who you might want to avoid…

“HONEY” by Renee Wilson
Honey is a struggling singer and actress in LA and on the day she bombs the biggest audition of her life she is deciding to either quit the business and return home to New Orleans to be a 1st grade school teacher or stick it out in Los Angeles to give her dreams a go.

“LOOK UP IN THE SKY! IT’S…UBERMAN?” by Owen Baker-Flynn
this piece is about corporate man’s inhumanity to the man, how an industry that most people don’t pay too much attention to dramatically changed while I wasn’t looking, and hopefully it’s kind of funny.

“SEX & THE SINGLE FILIPINO” by Emil Guillermo
Before there was talk of a Muslim Ban, the xenophobia in America in the 1930s was focused on Filipinos. Congressional hearings were held where the white male hierarchy put on the record how the lusty Filipinos were a threat to American society–and the white race. It changed policy, affected my father, who arrived in America in 1928. And it changed my life.


April 9 & 23

Pearl is a little Black Girl at the Movie house with her mother and she saw the happiest white woman in the whole wide world. Follow Pearl as she searches for HAPPINESS TOO In America.

Coming Soon.

My father was tortured and murdered by Nazis. They said as a courier he took money from rich Danes to give to poor Jews to escape. They said he destroyed mail going to the Gestapo. I was only 13. My mother had a mental breakdown. I was sent to an all boys boarding school to be near my two younger brothers. When I was 15 I found out my father really work for Danish Intelligence. I became a resistance fighter. We all joined the resistance. Mother came home and life was far from normal…

My world is not just bottles, poop and diaper bags anymore, but that’s how it used to be. I never planned to be a Home-Stay-Dad, but here I am. And if you wanna make some money and raise your kids yourself, you might wanna become a preschool teacher as well. Come on, there can’t be too many kids in your life, right???
And here I am, Home-Stay-Dad and part-time preschool teacher. My mottos, which I keep repeating in a mantric way, are: IT IS WHAT IT IS & EVERYTHING IS A PHASE! A funny perspective from a different angle of life.

April 16 & 30

“MIRA & THE FAEIRIES” by Daniel Ari
A history and catalogue of magical faeriedom–of Tooth, of Candy, of Nature and of The Everyday–over the course of eight years in the early life of one Mira of Richmond, California, a child of creative and sensitive disposition; and of her wisdom’s journey.

“ADVENTURES OF JIMMY” by Arnie Warshaw
Coming Soon!

As though junior high weren’t bad enough (I mean, they had to rebrand it, for Pete’s sake), having a hard-to-fit foot is a daily reminder that you are not quite like everyone else. (There was also my mother, at dinner: “Do you hear how quiet the people at the next table are?” We didn’t). But now hat we’re grownups, we”re all over that right?–at least, outside the fitting room. Some have even been known to say, “Wait-a- minit! What kind of goal is that, anyway? What’s that desire to fit in, to be like everyone else, really about? And what demands does that work make?”
A celebrity death that seemed related to a desire to fit in prompted “The Flip Side of Infinity,” which tackles the dilemma—without solving it, of course. (Ionesco said, “People are always asking me questions. I don’t have any answers. I write because I want to ask questions. If I had answers, I’d be a politician.” Say “Amen,” somebody.)

“GREENPEACE” by Jane Gire
Watch as I take on my first job after college–working for Greenpeace. I knew nothing at the time about the environmental movement; I basically joined up because I had a crush on a guy. “Greenpeace” goes into a pretty funny interview process, some of my experiences of going “door-to-door for Greenpeace, how I met my future husband, and some not so great things I had to learn about managing people.

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