Echo Brown


Written by Echo Brown
Developed with David Ford

April 23 – June 18, 2016 | Berkeley
Fridays at 8pm | Saturdays at 8:30pm


“Delightfully intriguing… beguiling… She has us eating out of her hand.” — SF Chronicle

“Terrific debut… a storyteller of a first order… don’t miss her.” — SF Theater Blog

“The world should see this show.” –

“An alternately intoxicating and sobering whirlwind of a show.” — Sam Hurwitt for KQED

“‘Funny Black Virgins Also Serious About Race'”— SF Chronicle

“She’s incredibly bright, and funny, and sharp and embodies a dynamo of evergy that beams out in a punctuated rhythm of self-irony, but most of all she is so deafeningly real, your brain will be bouncing like a ping-pong ball.” — Stark Insider

“Catching her might be one of the most important things on the Bay Area theatre calendar.” — Stark Insider

“Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters tops anything I’ve seen this year so far.” Stark Insider

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BLACK VIRGINS ARE NOT FOR HIPSTERS is both a love story and a startling snapshot of 21st century American culture. As the show opens, 23 year-old Echo is about to lose her virginity to a good-looking white hipster that she met on Craigslist. During the quickly dwindling hour before the fateful meeting, Echo bounces between desire and anxiety and reflects on the sociopolitical implications of her predicament. Will this white hipster find Echo’s dark skin and African features attractive? Can Echo transcend her own negative inner dialogue about her beauty and self-worth? How will cultural differences between Echo and the white hipster impact their encounter?

BLACK VIRGINS ARE NOT FOR HIPSTERS offers an incisive and side-splitting ride through the maze of race and romance in “colorblind” America, giving the audience an unfettered look at modern courtship rituals, climaxing with a mesmerizing Beyoncé dance tutorial.

Artist Biography

Hailed as a “transformational storyteller,” “powerhouse performer,” and a “phenom,” Echo Brown is a writer, performer, & playwright from Cleveland, Ohio. A graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in political science, Echo took an unusual path into theater. Echo began her career as an investigator, investigating allegations of misconduct against members of the New York City Police Department. Echo went on to study investigative journalism at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism before moving to California to work for Challenge Day, an award winning non-profit that provides transformational workshops in high schools.

While working as a facilitator for Challenge Day, Echo created and performed dynamic and moving stories for audiences across the country. Seeing the impact on audiences, Echo decided to become a full-time storyteller. After discovering the Marsh in February 2013, Echo began developing Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters with renowned theater maven and visionary, David Ford.

The show has been widely praised by Bay Area theater critics and was recently nominated for Outstanding Solo Production by Theatre Bay Area Awards.

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Show Info

Tickets: $25-$35 sliding scale | $55 and $100 Reserved Seats
April 23 – June 18, 2016 | Berkeley
Fridays at 8pm | Saturdays at 8:30pm
60 minutes | No Intermission | 16 and up

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