1 FINAL Dan Hoyle, Lorri Holt CLOSES – November 1, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Isn’t there something about this time of year? This time after summer and before the holiday season amps up. Things seem to be moving.

Like, I cleaned out my closet. Like I’m super inspired by a project (more on that soon). And, of course, seeing some great shows.

One added Dan Hoyle THE REAL AMERICANS this Friday
Dan Hoyle so graciously added an extra benefit performance Friday before he brings TRA to DC. A Very good place for it, don’t you think! Come see it here this Friday!

Closing Saturday: Lorri Holt is/as Colette
In Berkeley, just two more shows of the incredible Lorri Holt’s COLETTE UNCENSORED before it must close.

This week in San Francisco

Don Reed brings THE KIPLING HOTEL to San Francisco! YAY! Starts on Saturday.

Diane Barnes’ MY STROKE OF LUCK starts previews tomorrow!

Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN debuted at The Marsh over 10 years ago and is STILL so relevant today.

Kate Robards’ AINT THAT RICH (Terrific) Friday and Saturday.

Will Durst’s Halloween themed DURST CASE SCENARIO was a blast! Catch him here Tuesdays.

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder

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