My Amazing Experience! – March 30, 2017

Dear Marshian,

Tuesday night, as part of our TELL IT ON TUESDAY series, I performed a workshop of my very own solo performance. Actually, a solo performance musical with musical accompaniment by the fabulous Ellen Hoffman.

My first outing, after starting The Marsh over 27 years ago for this very reason–to develop a solo performance. Ok, so it took me a while! 🙂

It began last January with a monologue/poem I wrote in a workshop with Ann Randolph. (Ann’s got a workshop starting April 23). I spent a year composing melodies and writing text. Then building the script with David Ford and the music with Ellen Hoffman. With additional inspiration from Joshua Townsend and Jonathan Hart.

Then, on February 28, the solo calvary arrives, aka my director, Marc Monserrat-Drukker. We worked together for 7 to 10 hours a day, pulling the script into workable form and turning this blob of an artistic director into a singing soloing actress in 30 days. At the same time, Marc developed a magical scenic world to hold the story with the help of Marsh Technical Director, Hector Zavala.

And so much mire. The support of The Marsh staff and family, my husband, my family, friends, store proprietors, the dogs. 🙂
My two compatriot board members, Carol Klyce and Diane Barnes, who also performed that night.
And finally to you, dear Marshians, the witness to our stories, our work. Who makes it real. Who makes it happen.

A huge hug.

Now, I can’t end this without mentioning The Marsh artists gracing our stages this week. Their work, their creative flow. Phenomenal.

Maureen Langan’s extension of her wonderful DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN. To celebrate the first five to use the passcode ‘daughter’ will get a pair of comp tickets to wither tonight’s or Saturday’s show. (When that runs out, try code ‘garbage10!’)

Closing weekend of the hilarious Alicia Dattner’s EAT PRAY LAUGH! AND do not miss Don Reed’s EAST 14TH final 5 San Francisco shows OR Elaine Magree’s HOLDING THE EDGE only has 4 more shows, this week’s show benefit: Planned Parenthood (3/31) and Still Here San Francisco (4/1).

Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director

P.S. My maiden voyage went pretty darn well. I’m inspired to get cracking on Part 2!