Solo Weaving – April 13, 2017

Dear Marshians,

At our weekly staff meeting, we were discussing trajectories into solo performance.

How our very first solo performance by the likes Josh Kornbluth and Marga Gomez, were transitions from stand-up comedy to solo performance. And how multiple “threads” have found their way into the solo weave. Building on the innate and developed talents of each performer.

Al Letson brings his award-winning poetry slam skills, along with his investigative journalism eye and hilarious characterizations to SUMMER IN SANCTUARY.

Maureen Langan takes her highly honed and hilarious stand-up comedy skills and mixes it with her social commentary in DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN. With her English degree, Maureen struggles to get a bool deal, with outrageous criminal “actors” and TV celebrities like Kim Kardashian get their instant book deals.

Don Reed’s EAST 14th, a mélange of top flight stand-up comedy storytelling and his luscious physicality. (Final SF performance this Saturday. Back in Berkeley next week).

That’s just what is on our stage this week. But here’s what’s also coming up in April: Two stand-ups, one improv and an ensemble actress turned solo performer. All wizards.

Brian Copeland’s one-weekend performances of the solo performance classic NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN.

New York based Adam Strauss and his west coast premiere of THE MUSHROOM CURE, mixes it up with hallucinogenic mushrooms and OCD.

Ann Randolph, Groundlings improv up-and-coming star, deciding to go rogue and develop solos, brings LOVELAND and INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS to The Marsh this month.

Last but not least, San Francisco based acting sensation Maria Grazia Affinito is back for ONE NIGHT only in Berkeley with EATING PASTA OFF THE FLOOR!

Expandable Horizons!

Here’s to wonderful holidays, Passover, Easter, Spring Songs!

In art we trust,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director