Lorri Holt & Dan Hoyle YES! – October 4, 2017

Dear Marshians,

“It’s immediately clear how effortlessly this consummate actress channels early 20th century French novelist Colette…Holt simply embodies the rebellious character in all her (ever-so-French) self-confidence, vulnerability, and sensual charm.” –Colette Uncensored, SF Examiner

“Impressive, hilarious, moving, and provocative. Beneath the masterful humor, a rich texture of human connections asserts itself.” –The Real Americans, SF Chronicle

What do Lorri Holt and Dan Hoyle have in common? First off, they are both opening their shows this Friday:

Lorri’s COLETTE UNCENSORED in Berkeley
Dan’s REAL AMERICANS in San Francisco

They are both consummate performers. Lorri is a golden starring Bay Area actress. Dan has been wowing audiences here and across the country. Critics and audiences both loved their shows (see above). And finally, they both did a lot of research to develop their performances.

Lorri along with her co-writer Zach Rogow, delved deep into the soul and life of Colette for an incredible script supporting Lorri’s performance.

Dan travelled the country interviewing middle America, to write and update the REAL AMERICANS for its 2.2 version.

SATURDAY Double Hitters!
In San Francisco, first see Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN at 5pm, then Dan Hoyle at 8:30pm.

In Berkeley, first see Don Reed’s KIPLING HOTEL at 5pm, hang out at the bar a bit, then see Lorri’s COLETTE UNCENSORED at 8:30pm.

In art we trust,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Founder/Director