25th Anniversary Gala Saturday! — November 6, 2014

25thAnniv_slider2Well it’s just two days away! Our 25th Anniversary Gala. It’s so exciting to see the huge team working to make it happen. It’s two years in the planning. Name tags, gorgeous drapes, wonderful wine being delivered, “taste of the neighborhood” gift certificates and food donations being heaped at the door like manna from heaven. And 25 performers to “serenade” us as we honor Philip Armour.

And then the wonderful article in today’s Chronicle. WOW. It’s almost two pages. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. (http://www.sfgate.com/performance/article/The-Marsh-Standing-alone-for-25-years-as-a-venue-5873234.php) All it says and then all it can’t cover. It would take a book! Now why didn’t I write that book? Umm… maybe I will!

The article couldn’t possibly tell the whole story of all 25 years of performers, my fellow honoree and Marsh (and my) Best Friend, Philip Armour, the huge impact of the Marsh board, the gala committees, the staff, the advisors, the contributors, family, friends and every audience member that has ever seen a show. The entire Marsh community is why we have existed these past 25 years.

So THANK YOU to all on this erev eve of our gala. Wish we could stream it so everyone who can’t fit through our door could be part of it. But please note, that the gala is just the launch of our 25th Anniversary festivities. (Keep an eye out for Pet Talk III) I will keep you posted.