A Talk? A Solo Performance? Shakespeare? – March 19, 2015

Lear's Shadow

Last night was the second of The Marsh’s 25th Anniversary Talk Series: Ann Randolph’s INNAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS.
Wow! Full to the brim with an enthralled audience, it was a wonderful and memorable evening. But an evening of what? A talk? A solo performance? I guess a melding.
Often, the first solo developed by a performer is a memoir narrative. As this first gets developed or as the performer does subsequent solos, the pieces tend to be more theatrical and more evolved–the performer’s authentic experience more clearly illuminating our times. 
Last night’s talk, was a narrative of Ann’s biography (quite a wild journey). A solo, like a performer’s first, but with the genius skills she has developed over the last decades. And because of that, it gets my vote to stand on its own merit as both a talk and a performance. Anyone want to chime in? Write me at stephanie@themarsh.org.
Being performed simultaneously, and perhaps a polar opposite, was Geoff Hoyle’s LEAR’S SHADOW–an example of what happens when you put Shakespeare in the hands of Geoff (and David Ford) within the construct of a solo performance.
To celebrate we are offering $10 tickets to Geoff’s previews through April 9.  With the passcode “learspreview”
And speaking of first performances-actually I think Josh Kornbluth’s HAIKU TUNNEL was his second solo, but his first with us, Haiku has stood the test of time. BUT time is running out. Just two more weeks. Haiku MUST CLOSE! Do not miss.  $10 tickets with the passcode “haiku2015”
Starting back this week.
Aaron Akins INTO THE COLE starts back this week in Berkeley. It’s springtime. Romance is stirring. Encourage with a night of Nat King Cole songs. This Friday and Saturday performances: $10 ticketswith the passcode “natkingcole” 
ALSO: This Week on the Mainstages!

Fri/Sat: Don Reed’s STEREOTYPO: Rants and Rumblings at the DMV
Sun: Brian Copeland’s THE WAITING PERIOD
Sun: Unique Derique’s FOOL LA LA! $5 tickets with the passcode “funderful”
Sat/Sun: Charlie Varon’s FEISTY OLD JEW
Mon: Josh Kornbluth’s REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE (final 2 improvs)
Piper Ferreira’s COPS AND ROBBERS, April 24 (SF)
NEW Marsh Discovery:David Kleinberg’s HEY, HEY, LBJ! April 11 (SF)

Happy Spring!