“Aren’t You Lucky To Work Here?” – March 23, 2017

Dear Marshians.

Stephanie is out this week, so she asked me to step in with this newsletter. Hello everyone!

I want to tell you about this moment that happened late Monday. I was rummaging around in the staff fridge looking for leftover dolmas, when a woman running lines for MONDAY NIGHT MARSH said, “aren’t you lucky to work here? To think you get to be surrounded by solo performers all the time. So nice!”

I’ve been thinking about it ever since…How these performers make me proud and keep me on my toes. And they make me laugh too! Like Maureen Langan, who is so funny both on and off stage. Her show DAUGHTER OF GARBAGEMAN has been extended because frankly people can’t get enough of it.

Or Alicia Dattner, who is in the midst of an extension for EAT, PRAY, LAUGH! And don’t forget Elaine Magree who has two benefit performances of HOLDING THE EDGE this weekend: Friday for Shout Out 2017 and Saturday for Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay.

So yes it’s been a busy, busy week, but that mystery woman was right, I am lucky! By way of thanking her for this reminder, I’m making luck a discount code for the weekend. Come see Alicia, Maureen, or Elaine this weekend and you can get $7 off with code luck.

With luck,
Maggie Wilson
Marketing Director

P.S. DON REED (SF) & AL LETSON (Berkeley) are both back in April. Grab your tickets early!