Bay Switch: Cops & Robbers and Solo Performance 2.0 – April 22, 2015

Piper Ferreira's COPS & ROBBERS

Piper Ferreira’s COPS & ROBBERS

From Marsh Berkeley to Marsh San Francisco

It’s taken months to figure out a time that we could move Jinho “The Piper” Ferreira’s super hit, COPS AND ROBBERS to San Francisco. Between The Marsh’s hectic performance schedule and Piper’s Alameda County Sherriff hectic work schedule, this coming Friday, was the first opportunity to get this show to SF.  It runs just 5 consecutive Fridays.

One of the most socially relevant topics of the day, this hip-hop artist now law enforcement agent, turns the police/community issue on its head and performs the heck out of it.

To celebrate our Marsh transfer, we are offering a pair of comps for this Friday’s show to the first five who use comp code ‘REVOLUTION‘ when reserving tickets at this link. (Code will be invalid once all comps are claimed.)

From Marsh San Francisco to Marsh Berkeley

The first two MARSH TALKS took place in San Francisco (David Ford and Ann Randolph). This Sunday at 4 pm, we are proud to present our third MARSH TALK, SOLO PERFORMANCE 2.0: Energy, Intimacy & Community by three stellar homegrown Marsh performers, Rebecca Fisher, Mark Kenward and Charlie Varon.

I am really excited to be at The Marsh Berkeley with Rebecca, Mark and Charlie! They have been thinking and working hard to expand performer’s and audience’s consciousness about performance in the digital age. So join me, the performers and the Marshian audience and community on Sunday at 4 pm at The Marsh Berkeley. There will be cake!

To celebrate this Berkeley switch, the first five to use comp code ‘INTIMACY‘ when reserving tickets at this link will receive a pair of comps. (Code will be invalid once all comps are claimed.)

Lots of other things this week. Don Reed’s STEREOTYPO, Charlie Varon’s FEISTY OLD JEW, David Kleinberg’s HEY, HEY, LBJ!. Geoff Hoyle’s LEAR’S SHADOW, Brian Copeland’s THE WAITING PERIOD and Unique Derique’s family show, FOOL LA LA. See more info below.

Have a wonderful springy week!

All my best,

Stephanie Weisman
Founder and Artistic Director