Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN is Back! – August 17, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN feels particularly timely, so we are bringing back the longest running solo show in SF history. We premiered it first in 2004. Since then, it has traveled to 30 cities and been turned into a book. Join us this weekend.

A segment from Brian’s letter about why he is bringing Genuine back:

“When I asked folks what drew them to the story, the response was that everyone at some point finds themselves in situations where they have to navigate the waters as ‘the one who doesn’t belong.’ GENUINE gave people the opportunity to embrace their empathy.

Wow. The opening of Don Reed’s KIPLING HOTEL was WONDERFUL! First, the incredible acclaimed show by Don, then the post-performance party. 80s dancing! The bump, etc. It was a blast and good exercise.

Just two more weeks before Dan Hoyle’s EACH AND EVERY THING closes on August 26. The perfect respite. From digital to story…tal. 🙂

Get your tickets before it sells out.
Stay cool in the mist.

Yours in art and artists,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Founder/Director