Brilliance! Two! Mushrooms! Comps! – May 3, 2018

Dear Marshians,

TWO MINDS opens!

Award winning: playwright, Lynne Kaufman & director, Robert Kelley, are the brilliant two minds behind this week’s opening of TWO MINDS.

Not a solo mind you, but a duo! A duo of actors, Brian Herndon & Jackson Davis, playing the brilliant minds of Daniel Kahnemna & Amos Tversky; awardees of the Nobel Prize and MacArthur Genius Award for their groundbreaking research on how we think. Is it intuition? Is it logic? Is it both?

Get inside their collaboration, their genius, their friendship, their humor, their jealousy, their ups, their downs.

Lynne Kaufman’s TWO MINDS starts this Friday and runs through June 9. Opening is Sunday, May 6.

Adam Strauss’ THE MUSHROOM CURE extends!

We are thrilled to extend this breakout psychedelic OCD extravaganza.

On Friday, there is a post-performance talkback titled: “Drug Reform: Science, Compassion and Human Rights” with Ethan Nadelman, the founder of Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) and Marsha Rosenbaum, Director of DPA’s San Francisco office.

Sunday: Brian Copeland’s free showing of THE WAITING PERIOD
Sunday: Unique Derique’s FOOL LA LA Over the Rainbow.
Saturday/Sunday: Don Reed’s CAN YOU DIG IT? The 60s
Tuesday: Will Durst’s DURST CASE SCENARIO
Wednesday: Xiaojuan Shu DON’T YOU HAVE DIGNITY, MAMA?

Another lovely sunny, artful week coming our way!
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director & Founder

P.S. Our lovely, brilliant Marketing Director, Maggie Wilson, is making her way across the country to the bright state of NYC where she will spend her summer at the Chautauqua Institute and then on to the BIG APPLE. We wish her luck, happiness, and brilliance. Onward ho Ms. Maggie!