Dan Hoyle is BACK! – July 6, 2017

Dear Marshians,

This morning on my way to The Marsh I stopped to get some soup for lunch, and the next thing I knew, Charlie Varon was running past me with Dan Hoyle’s guitar in tow. Yes people, Dany Hoyle is back. And he is rehearsing juicy new material for EACH AND EVRY THING which starts July 13.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen EACH. Unlike many of you I don’t know who See Know is, what a digital detox entails, or what opentime means, But I’m dying to find out. In honor of Dan’s return we are offering $8 off tickets. Bring a friend that’s never seen the show before. They’ll thank you. Trust me.

Also have you heard the news!? Will Durst is back (and in our hour of need) which his new show DURST CASE SCENARIO. As he says, “I’m done being non-partisan.”

And don’t forget, only 2 more chances to see Sharon Eberhardt’s CRAZY FAMOUS, 2 weekends left of Maureen Langan’s DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN, and Don Reed is in his FINAL extension of East 14th.

Get Marshy this weekend,
Maggie Wilson
Marketing Director