Dan Hoyle’s Interview. Marsh Fellow – July 17, 2015

Interview with Dan Hoyle by Diana/Tiadee Too!

This week I wanted to highlight one of our newest programs, MarshFellows.

We recently ended our first year-long fellowship with Marketing Associate, Bernard Tan. He was fantastic! He is now off to Singapore and Australia, using many of the skills he developed as a fellow in his new job.

Today I wanted to highlight and thank one of our current fellows, Diana (Tiadee Too), who is working with us on photography (did you see Echo Brown’s opening night photo story?), graphics (Karen Ripley’s gorgeous poster-who is back in Berkeley August 15) and currently a series of video clips, like the one above.

Diana came up with the idea for me to interview performers. We started with Dan Hoyle. She has now produced four, two-minute videos-so far! I had SO MUCH FUN interviewing Dan. It has opened up a whole new possibility for me (and also the realization that maybe some focus on hair and makeup might be a good investment :). Voila! Last night I met Amber, Diana’s friend, now on board to do what she can!)

I asked Diana to write about her fellowship:

“Little did I know that a magical place called The Marsh existed in my neighborhood when I was growing up in the early 1990s. Today, as a MarshFellow Photographer and Graphic Designer, want to share what I capture behind the lens with my family and friends, encouraging their participation and support for theater arts in the Mission District. The Marsh has given me the opportunity to explore ideas and play with design.

#iLoveTheMarsh for giving me this outlet. I truly enjoy creating photo stories and photo art materials for a place that houses brilliant performers and behind the scene wizards, who express their incredible art and craft on stage.”  

THANK YOU DIANA! To check out the other Dan interviews go to MarshTV.

If you want to learn more about our Marsh Fellow program, please email us at volunteer@themarsh.org.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported The Marsh’s gofundme campaign to support a year of free performances of Brian Copeland’s The Waiting Period.

All my best,

Stephanie Weisman
Founder and Artistic Director