Darker Times…Spirit Lights! – December 14, 2016

Dear Marshians,

In Darker Times…Spirit Lights!

It feels a bit colder, darker these days. Even more so post 11.9.

There’s a draw to hunker down.

But when I get out among my “peeps,” my spirit warms.

So tonight, Wednesday, December 14, starting at 7pm, join us for our Holiday Gathering. It’s free. And yes, please, we welcome your end-of-the-year donations.

Starting this Saturday, Unique Derique is back without annual fun-filled joyous family holiday show FOOL LA LA.

And on Sunday, December 18, FOOL LA LA ticket proceeds will BENEFIT the Ghost Ship Fire Fund.

This weekend is the final two performances of Brian Copeland’s THE JEWELRY BOX, a wonderful tale of holiday spirit and love.

And certainly in the light of holiday spirit, see Al Letson’s SUMMER IN SANCTUARY.

The human spirit, the holiday spirit, goes deep and wide, lighting our world.

Hope to see you soon!

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder