Day Two. Join Us. Tickets – November 10, 2016

Dear Marshians,

On this second day after the election, I have so many things I am thinking, so many directions. It’s a mush. A muddle. An outpour.

First a Gift:

Come together this first pos-election weekend for Don Reed’s wonderful EAST 14TH. The first ten Marshians to use the passcode “bullthit” will get a pair of comps to this Saturday and Sunday performances of EAST 14TH.

Don is doing amazing things. He’s on tour with Snap Judgement. He is in an upcoming TV show backed by Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda–the producers saw Don perform at The Marsh. He is in a feature film, Unleashed, which was a Gold Audience Award winner at this year’s Mill Valley Festival.


I woke up thinking about how close I came to being the cousin of a Vice President, Joe Lieberman, the first Jew to be nominated. But they didn’t elect Al Gore. Gore also won the popular vote. Can we even begin to imagine what this country, the world, the climate, might look like now if the popular vote had its due.

And then, what is The Marsh’s role? Keeping it alive. (Dismally, not even Prop S, the arts proposition, passed. Perhaps some of that pot money can go to the arts).

And that was what I was doing last night. Submitting grant invoices to keep The Marsh in the green and alive, when I heard the commotion and rand down to see 3000 peaceful protestors walking Valencia Street, lined on the sidewalk by police every ten feet. We all have our “jobs.”

The night before, election night, at Will Durst’s ELECT TO LAUGH, was representative. It was a coming together of members of our community for all its reasons. To see the satire of Mr. Durst. To be among friends, at this momentous moment, as we watched more and more states, go red, red, red. To laugh and for many of us to leave inconsolable, but at least not being alone in our despair.

So many of you came up to me after the show and said, thank goodness we have The Marsh.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Yesterday, I arrived at the office with a platter from Truly Mediterranean. i thought the staff needed a place to come together. I did. Some lunch. Some work family. We talked about the role of The Marsh now and what role it can play.

Wayne Harris, MYT Director, said kids in his youth classes were terrified.

Then I walked down Valencia Street.

For the first time in decades, two guys driving by in a shiny white car screamed a catcall about my female parts. Are they now emboldened? Can you believe it? Can you believe any of it? What is to come?

I go back to The Marsh. I go back to the importance of having a place where our diverse voices can be heard. Our authentic voices Stories about the times encased in intimacy. Where we can come together.

Thursday afternoon, Al Letson, will do a special performance of SUMMER IN SANCTUARY for two high school classes. His gift. I am so looking forward to watching the performances with the kids.

On Saturday, Tom Ammiano will perform MINCING WORDS. The crowd love his show. What a wonder and fun delight to have an insider view about California politics through Tom;s eyes on The Marsh stage. The audiences love it. They jump to their feet.

Only two more performances of MINCING WORDS, this Saturday and next before it closes.

Also, there are two more 2016 performances of Brian Copeland’s THE WAITING PERIOD. It’s free to all.

So join us. Join us. We have much to learn and so much to do.

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder