Don Reed and Roseanne! — October 1, 2014

Don Reed “Mr. Semi-Famous,” has a new story to tell. His new day job is warming up the audience comedically for the TV show, What’s My Line? Last week, one of the celebrity guests was none other then the “funniest woman in comedy,” Roseanne Barr, who upon seeing Mr. Don, shouts out, “I know you. I know you. I saw you somewhere and you were so ‘bleeping’ funny.” Don is thinking that Roseanne probably saw him do stand up somewhere. But no, then Roseanne remembers, “I saw you perform at The Marsh!”

Do you think this constitutes the first of Don’s Marsh “Hollywood Hell Tales From The Middle”? Come check out Don’s “night gig” SEMI-FAMOUS, HOLLYWOOD HELL TALES FROM THE MIDDLE this weekend and see one “bleeping” funny show at the SF Marsh.

And if you want funny in the East Bay, don’t miss Marga Gomez’s LOVEBIRDS, a fabulous and hilarious coming-out-love jaunt through the 70s. Just a few more shows.

Final Weekends!
Dan Hoyle’s EACH AND EVERYTHING. This week’s shows are sold out, but if you want to take chance, no promises, but there may be a few walk-up tickets. Come 30 minutes early and put your name on the waiting list.

Now Playing!
Josh Kornbluth’s improvs of REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE extended!
Piper’s Cops & Robbers SOLD OUT (see Dan for walk-up possibilities)

Coming Soon!
Starting October 9! Brian Copeland’s 10th Anniversary run of NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN and THE WAITING PERIOD. Tickets are now on sale.
Rebecca Fisher’s MEMPHIS ON MY MIND, starting October 25

25TH ANNIVERSARY GALA, November 8. Tickets ARE ON SALE! LIMITED SPACE for this one-night extravaganza.

For those in the midsts of the high holy days, I wish you a year of health, happiness and peace.