E2 Experiment. Excitement – May 4, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Last night we had an experiment in The Marsh Cafe. For the first time, Charlie Varon performed his new story for 21 Marshians. Also for the first time, a story was interspersed between appetizers, borscht dinner, and a black and white cookie dessert. Ohh la la.

I have t say it was wonderful. Everyone sitting around the BIG table. The combination of the story and food made for a very comfortable, intimate, fun, deeply felt, experiment.

Now, let me talk about first times.

This was Charlie Varon’s 10th new show at The Marsh. Charlie’s 1st show in 1990, Honest Prophets was a harder sell then his 2nd, 3rd, and now 10th show because people weren’t familiar with our dear Charlie.

We’ve got some first timers on our stages. Please don’t let that stop you from experimenting–seeing someone new to you, to The Marsh.

It’s not so risky. These shows are great!

“Letson’s honesty makes it a show worth seeing. It is laugh-out-loud funny at times…it ultimately communicates the profound truth that little bit of loves goes a long way.” –Showbiz Weekly

Al Letson’s SUMMER IN SANCTUARY is at the top of my list. That’s my list for the full 28 years of The Marsh’s life. It’s Al’s first show in the Bay Area after moving here from Florida. Take a risk. Then if you like it, please consider making a donation after the show and tell your friends.

“Riveting…a true life tour-de-force.” –Time Out New York

Adam Strauss’ THE MUSHROOM CURE is fresh from his critically acclaimed sold-out off Broadway show, Adam is also a non-local first-timer. This one’s about psilocybin mushrooms and OCD. Still in previews, we are getting great feedback from attendees.

Thank you Marshians for supporting our risky and riskier shows!

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder and Artistic Director

P.S. Only 2 more SF Maureen Langan’s DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN