FINAL Ann Randolph! OPENING Sharon’s Crazy Famous – June 15, 2017

Dear Marshians,

You know how it is some days. You wake up. You look at your email. You swipe through your Facebook threads, news feeds. Maybe even read an actual newspaper. Whatever it is, do you feel stuck, stuck, stuck in the minutia?

How does one burst from the morass! I say mimicry. Personalized mimicry.

Meaning you may not want to work at a fish canning factory in Alaska. like Ann Randolph did to follow her dream, but  you may be inspired watching her hilarious life dream adventures.

Join Ann Saturday for her FINAL performance of LOVELAND (just a few tickets left!) and Sunday’s final INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS.

Or, thinking about you inner rock star? Sharon Eberhardt’s CRAZY FAMOUS starts this Friday.

You may NOT want to take a 4+ psychedelic trip to burst out of {?}, but Adam Strauss’ THE MUSHROOM CURE might inspire you to work through immobilizing/stuck issues.

Each of our performances go way farther than you may ever need to go to burst from your ownness. But I think you will find them all inspirational.

We are here for you for a song.

Please have a great one,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director