Giant Team! — October 30, 2014

GiantsKudos to the Giants! Watching your town’s team win the World Series is something that has turned even me, a nonbaseballite, into a fan. Yesterday, I started listening in the car, only stopping for the minute it took to run my skirt into the dry cleaners, where the game was blasting, and then watching it at home.

So a few of observations from a newbie fan. First, the game is so much about what not happens. Second, it’s amazing how wonderful it is to watch players so precise, so brilliant, with an unpredictable outcome. Thirdly, and I suppose predictably-please stifle your groans-you can liken the game to a solo performance. (I could make an apple have a solo performance. Ha! I did…photographically. Email me if you want proof 🙂

Last night’ soloist (aka MVP) was Madison Bumgarner. But he did not do it alone, just like a solo performer, he had his ensemble, his director, his producer, and his team of supporters and technicians, both on the field and off.

You know even I can’t really go all the way with this, even if you look at each player as having their own solo performance trajectory. Like the Sandoval plays leading up to him flipping on his back when he catches the winning or should I say losing Royal’s foul ball, or rookie Panik’s double play-nope, it’s not the soloist’s, it’s the team. So OK, it’s the soloists and the team; kind of like The Marsh team.

So, getting back to The Marsh team, here’s the soloists on deck right now in San Francisco and Berkeley.

San Francisco
Don Reed’s SEMI-FAMOUS, HOLLYWOOD HELL TALES FROM THE MIDDLE. Celebrating the Giants win with a pair of comps to the first 5 to contact us at with subject line “Don 11/1” or “Don 11/2”.
Brian Copeland in Rep: 10th anniversary run of NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN and THE WAITING PERIOD.

Rebecca Fisher’s MEMPHIS ON MY MIND with post-performance blues and dinner.
Piper’s COPS & ROBBERS, final 4 shows.
Josh Kornbluth’s improvs, REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE.

PS. Countdown: Only ten days to The Marsh’s 25th Anniversary Gala on November 8, 2014

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