Josh Kornbluth’s HAIKU! Audience “Rolling With Laughter” — January 29, 2015

Josh 2001                                                                 Josh 2014I have to admit, I was so excited to have Josh Kornbluth’s HAIKU TUNNEL back on our stage. Our first show…Our first runaway hit…The movie. Twenty-five years later, I couldn’t wait to see it again. And to be honest, I had a bit of trepidation too. Would it still be as great as it was all those years ago? I mean Josh is using Word Perfect for goodness sakes.

All anxieties gone! It was a smash of a show. It’s still a smash of a show. And Josh doesn’t look more then a day older. (Me neither, of course ;).  And honestly, his performance after all these years is even crisper and funnier. Don’t take it just from me, the audience was in stitches. The critic’s all loved it.  So there you have it – Marsh first show still soaring after 25 years. YAY!

Marsh Youth Theater teen program starts this Saturday at 11 am!
Do you have or know teens interested in Playwriting and Acting? We have one wonderful workshop starting with the incredible drama denizen, Liz MacAninch of the fabulous Mercy High School theater department and local/global playwright/poet, Ron Jones of THE WAVE fame (and Kids Called Crazy). Sign up/contact us if you have any questions or email

Brian Copeland’s THE WAITING PERIOD at The Marsh SF this Saturday at 5 pm.

Unique Derique’s FOOL LA LA back at Berkeley!
Post performance circus workshop for the whole family.

Only 2 more weeks! Aaron Akins’ INTO THE COLEan evening of Nat King Cole songs.

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Monday: Josh Kornbluth’s REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE improvs
Wednesday: Jazz with Randy Craig and Friends

Coming up!
Don Reed’s STEREOTYPO: Rants and Rumblings at the DMV 2/13 (SF)
Geoff Hoyle’s LEAR’S SHADOW 2/18 (SF)
Charlie Varon’s FEISTY OLD JEW 2/21 (B)