Labor Daisy! – September 1, 2016


Dear Marshian,

Oh my goodness. I am back from Spain and France and I had a wonderful time.

Madrid: the Prado Museum/Bosch Exhibit. Girona: The Jewish Museum. Barcelona: Gaudi and meeting Marc Montserrat-Drukker, who developed Marsh performer, Ron Jones’ story, The Wave, into a full-blown production. For five years, Marc called it his life work and his Wave took Spain by storm. It was named one of Spain’s top-ten productions for 2013.

In France: Roy Hart Theatre. In some ways it’s like The Marsh, a community of artists and students; but instead of being focused on solo performance, RHT is focused on the voice and its extended possibilities both through artistic impact and through expansion of the psyche.

This is the first time I’ve been back to the Roy Hart Theatre since spending three months at their chateau in Malerargues 30 years ago.

I have to admit, my first question after arriving in beautiful south of France, was why did it take me 30 years to return? I guess it must have something to do with founding and building The Marsh. And starting it was so much supported by the work I did at Roy Hart all those years ago.

In 1986, for three months, my voice teachers and I worked hard to get my body behind my mind/ my ideas, by developing my pretty non-existent lower vocal range. I was a flying high soprano! Lots of flighty ideas but needing to build up “body muscle” to support them.

Back in San Francisco, I was able to get behind my vision to start this theater.

Thirty years later, I am once again invigorated by the work I did in France. And I am inspired to find a musician to work with to set my poems to music. Marshians do you have a suggestion for a musician, probably a pianist, I can improvise with?

I am also grateful that I can take such inspiration from the stories and performances we develop. Any moment, I can go to The Marsh and have my creativity spirited by one of our shows, or one of our teachers.

Now, we are coming up on Labor Day weekend and I am excited to get back to work. Thankful that I have The Marsh community.

This Labor Day weekend, catch Don Reed’s EAST 14th in Berkeley, Fridayand Saturday.

I am so thankful that my labor is a labor of love and creativity.

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

All My Best
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder