Love? 90%? Steve Budd OPENS! – February 7, 2018

Dear Marshians,

“90% of relationship challenges stem from misunderstandings about masculine and feminine dynamics.” –Kimi Avary Fallon

Wow. And we have a slate of performances focused on relationship dynamics!

In Berkeley, the audiences loved Steve Budd’s previews, WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT LOVE. (Great talkback, featuring Kimi and other love coaches).

Join us this Friday for Steve’s opening. Post-performance cake and you too can out your name in the jar for a chance to win a Good Vibrations gift bag.

And on that subject of dynamics, Jill Vice’s A FATAL STEP continues to wow audiences and critics. In fact, The Marsh garnered this quote in response to Jill’s spectacular show.

“The Marsh continue(s) to nurture personal artistry and unique solo performances, offering Sn Francisco and Berkeley the best in solo storytelling.” –Theatrius

Eddie Muller, the Czar of Noir, will be on stage for a post-performance talkback on Thursday, February 8.

And don’t you suppose that Mr. Will Durst’s DURST CASE SCENARIO is spinning in relationship strife? Catch Durst this THURSDAY and SATURDAY in Berkeley!

Coming up next week. We have a special VALENTINES DAY BERKELEY MUSIC & SONG NIGHT with Craig McGregor and EXTRA Friends on February 14. Be. Explore. Enjoy the love, deep in the singing, playing of beautiful music.

February 15, TIMES UNSEEN OPEN MIC. Show up and sign up at The Marsh Cabaret Berkeley to tell a 10-minute story about impact of political change on you and your community.

Love! Strife! Dynamics! Yes!
In and for love,