Not a Hollywood Thing! — December 18, 2014

I had a revelation about the letter I wrote last week. Well actually a question that led to a revelation.

(In my last weekly email, I reported gooey feelings during the movie, Ghost, when Patrick Swazye, the ghost, made Whoopi Goldberg, the spiritualist, give nuns ringing bells for money, a $4,000,000 check.)

So here’s the question. Once the nuns had the surprising check, did they stay and finish out their fundraising street shift? Or did they immediately go back to the Abby to relay the good news and cash the check?  Or did they just sing?

Then the revelation. Geez Loueezz!  Patrick Swayze had to be murdered for those nuns to get that donation. We definitely don’t want that as an inspiration for a Marsh miracle. And frankly, might we have preferred the ghost to give the check to the Whoopi character, who needed it a lot more, or better yet to Whoopi herself, who once a Bay Area solo performer, might actually make a donation to The Marsh?

So much for Hollywood inspirations.

But alas, where else can our community see 600 shows each year-intimately affordably?

Where else can you see the most socially relevant shows of the year?  (Did you catch the article about Piper’s COPS & ROBBERS in Newsweek/Daily Beast? If not, click here.)

Where else can you have so much laughter in one place?

Where else can you get two holiday shows? Brian Copeland’s THE JEWELRY BOX, destined to holiday “classicness”?

Or, Unique Derique’s FOOL LA LA, a circus show for the whole family. WITH a post-performance workshop, teaching juggling and hambone.

To celebrate FOOL LA LA‘s opening Saturday we are offering a limited-time $5 TICKETS  for all of his shows with discount code “christmas“. The discount code will expire on 12/25/2014.

And then there’s what’s coming up in our 25th Anniversary Year. Premieres by Geoff Hoyle, Don Reed, Sara Felder and more. And revivals from our 25 years of shows. Starting in January, Josh Kornbluth’s revives HAIKU TUNNEL.

And the youth, what a wonderful program for our youth, both onsite and in San Francisco Public Schools. Where no child is turned away because they can not afford to participate.

So back to Ghost. We don’t want murder or mayham to get your donations. We just want to exchange gifts!

Please support us today by purchasing a gift of theater or making a tax-deductible donation! And partner with us for another wonderful year of incredible shows, developing theater and youth programs (where no youth is turned away because of financial resources).

Plus it’s tax-deductible.

Click here and donate now!