Power of Powerlessness – June 8, 2017

Dear Marshians,

We had an amazing talkback with Don Reed and Adam Strauss after THE MUSHROOM CURE on Saturday night. It was so powerful to have them talk about their OCD. Hear about their rituals before shows. Don has a sip of coke before East 14th. Adam suns himself under stage lights before THE MUSHROOM CURE.

But the message in THE MUSHROOM CURE is that when Adam is able to get beyond the notion that he has the power to control things, when he is not enslaved by his rituals, this is when he is truly empowered to get beyond the debilitation of his OCD.

It is the same for Don;s Blinky in EAST 14th who has to blink 5 times, not 3 times. Not 7. Aren’t we all on the spectrum? Isn’t it just where? How much are we or are we not autistic, bipolar, OCD? When are these characteristics stifling and when are they actually helpful?

What does it take Maureen Langan in DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN to get beyond her young issues? Humor? Intelligence? Lots.

And what of Ann Randolph’s Frannie Potts in LOVELAND? I don’t think this is OCD. But what? And what spectrum does Ann reveal in INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS, as she shares her own artistic and life journey? Inviting consideration of our own. (Only 2 more performances each of these shows before they are gone).

And these are just examples of our current shows on The Marsh stage. Shows that are all hilariously funny as our performers engage in their stories, perhaps shedding light on our own and our community.

I think the most poignant moment was after the talkback. Don came up to me saying that it was so freeing, liberating, to be able to witness and talk about these issues.

So Please have a great one,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director