Reality? TV vs Performance – June 1, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Kim Kardashian has a book deal. Maureen Langan does not. Maureen has a degree in English. Kim’s degree is in uh…reality TV?

What’s the difference between a reality TV show and a Marsh performance? I think it has something to do with depth. marsh shows mine the depth, the story, the reality. Also, maureen is a lot funnier than Kim Kardashian. But don’t leave that assessment to me. Check it out!

“She has something to say about family, relationships, self-importance, and American culture and is willing to be completely honest without sacrificing her killer sense of humor.” –SF Examiner

We are thrilled that Maureen Langan’s DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN is transferring to Marsh Berkeley this week. To celebrate, we are offering pay-what-you-can performances for tonight and this Saturday performances.

Speaking of reality, Ann is funnier than Kim, but who is most Inappropriate? I go to see Ann Randolph’s INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS last Sunday. Whoa. What a show. What a life. The performance is like a map, a guide. Even though I’ve seen it so many times, each time I still sit with my mouth agape (hopefully metaphorically). I am hilariously and provocatively entertained; taking mental notes to encourage and support my own dreams as I watch Ann’s story unfold. It’s a gift.

If you haven’t seen LOVELAND, If you haven’t seen INAPPROPRIATE, please do. They are only playing three more times each before Ann takes leave. Our loving troubadour is off to teach and perform at Kripalu, Holyhock, Santa Fe, 1440 Multiversity, right after June 20.

This Saturday! Talkback with Don Reed and Adam Strauss.

Don Reed will zip over to San Francisco after his EAST 14th performance Saturday night to talkback with Adam Strauss after THE MUSHROOM CURE. I am super excited to moderate!

In art we explore,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director

P.S. make your way to the Bay Area Book Festival this Saturday in Berkeley and head to The Marsh after to see Don Reed at 5pm and Maureen Langan at 8:30pm