Romantic/Classic Nat King Cole and Sign Up The KIDS! — January 21, 2015

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I went to see master crooner, Aaron Akins’ Nat King Cole show last Saturday and loved it. It was so soothing, so romantic in the most familiar sense. I am looking forward to this enjoyable experience again this Saturday at The Marsh Berkeley for its official opening. Join me. Join Mr. Akins as Mr. Nat in INTO THE COLE. There will be cake!

There’s still time! Register now.
MYT Spring Classes start January 28 for youth (pre-K through high school).
Scholarships abound.

Ages 4-6:        Storytelling with Puppets and more with Emily Butterfly
Grades 2-5:    Ensemble Created Theater with Maryssa Wanlass
Grades 2-6:    Trapeze, Bailando Con Trapecios with Maica Folch
Grades 3-6:    Hip Hop and World Dance with Rebecca Cervantes

Teens:             Playwriting and Acting with Ron Jones & Liz MacAninch

Please tell your kids and/or your friend’s kids about our fantastic youth classes.

For more info:
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Brian Copeland continues to bring us his most wonderful important show, THE WAITING PERIOD to The Marsh SF every Saturday at 5 pm.

Unique Derique will be back with FOOL LA LAThe Marsh’s supreme family show, next Saturday.

INTERESTING FACT (and back next week):
Why is Josh Kornbluth not performing this weekend?
Answer: Josh is doing a movie in NYC. Way to go Josh!  Now how did Josh get this movie role? Well, the movie director is a huge fan of Josh’s because he saw HAIKU TUNNEL (the movie). Buy your tickets to see this fantastic revival which critic’s say even “trumps the movie” (Stark Insider) and “What a delight … characters as alive today as 25 years ago” (SF Theater Blog).

Monday: Josh Kornbluth’s REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE improvs
Wednesday (Berkeley): Jazz with Randy Craig and Friends
Wednesday Rising (SF): David Kleinberg’s Hey Hey, LBJ! (SOLD OUT).