Score. Marsh Madness Marathon – February 28, 2018

Dear Marshians,

Find new performance loves!
Score the teams!

Just think. You can spend an hour or many, many hours discovering new performers and performances, one lost at a time. AND be their advocates. Help them to victory!

Twenty-eight 40 minute slots in both San Francisco theaters. A cornucopia1

Soloists, duets, quads, all performing ALL KIDS OF THINGS! Including but not limited to: Latin Percussion. Sketch Comedy. Improv. Millennials. Senior Sex Advisors. Gender Benders. Healers. Dogs. Self- Helpers. Russians. Latinas. Africans. So much more.

And in between there will be food and drink at The Marsh cafe.

Marsh Madness Marathon times:
March 9th, Friday: 6pm-10pm
March 10th, Saturday: 10am-10pm
March 11, Sunday: 5pm Judging THE FINAL FOUR

And to celebrate we are offering 10 marshians a discounted pass. Half Price! Only $37.50!

It’s madness we judge. Join me.
Artistic Director/Founder