Stephanie Meets Hannah – September 13, 2017

Dear Marshians,

This week we are interviewing Hannah Taylor. A preview of the post-performance talkback this Friday.

She’s the composer, writer, and performer of BREED & RESCUE, the solo performance musical.

Stephanie: So what did you think it would be like doing your first solo performance?

Hannah: First off I want to thank everyone for supporting this piece. It’s been a decades old dream of mine, so I’m so glad to have this Hannah Taylor moment (HTmoment!).

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Hannah: When you have been wanting to do something, to create something for years and years, then you make the moment to do it!

Stephanie: Like the book I want to write. It will be my own HT moment!

Hannah: Exactly!

Stephanie: So what’s it like?

Hannah: It is such a learning experience. It is hard work! First, I wrote the music and script, worked with wonderful collaborators, Ellen Hoffman, Marc Motserrat-Drukker to create Breed & Rescue.

Then you have to learn how to perform it. The wildest part is how careful you have to be about what leads up to your performance. What you can and cannot eat during the day. How to hydrate. Making sure you don’t croak or keel during the performance.

And it is so FANTASTIC when you get on stage and get to be in the piece, perform it. It’s incredible.

Stephanie: So what do you want to say to Marshians?

Hannah: COME! Join me. Just two more weekends. People are liking it. I know it’s hard to make time to do something like this. Especially when it is someone and something new. Nut that’s what The Marsh does.

Besides, have you seen the stats on the impact of the smart phone on kids? They think it’s an increasing depression. What about adults? Live performance opens hearts! And maybe it will encourage your own HT moment. To do the thing you’ve been imagining.

Stephanie: And one more thing, if you come this Friday. I will be interviewing Hannah in a post-performance talkback.

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In art we trust,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder