Steve Budd Starts in Berkeley, Jill Vice Reviewed! – January 31, 2018

Dear Marshians,

What critics are saying about Jill Vice’s “A Fatal Step.”

“Astonishing…transcendent…A sequence spoofing ‘Vertigo’ is worth the price of admission alone!” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Wildly talented…It’s impossible to take your eyes of this animated actress.” –SF Examiner

Wow, I returned to a week of INCREDIBLE Marsh performances.

The opening of Jill Vice’s A FATAL STEP was spectacular. It’s a hit with audiences and critics. Even neighbors on Hill Street are talking to me about it as I walk to the office.

Also want to mention, Clyde Always’ Rising and Don Reed’s closing. WOW!

This week in Berkeley we begin previews of Steve Budd’s WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT LOVE. After Friday’s show, there is a post-performance talkback with 3 dating/relationship coaches: Kimi Avary, Garrison Cohen, & Greg Schwartz. And Saturday, there’s post-performance music with Justin Ancheta.

Will Durst Berkeley!
SO many requests to have Will perform DURST CASE SCNEARIO in Berkeley! He is! Next Thursday, February 8 and Saturday, February 10. He’s also still in SF on Tuesdays.

Dan Hoyle at the Aurora Theater. He’s in a play! Bernard Shaw’s Widower’s Houses opens this week.

More in San Francisco!

Diane Barnes’ is dazzling audiences with MY STROKE OF LUCK.
Another week of inspiration. Join us!

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Founder/Directr