Steve’s Love Moves to SF – July 18, 2018

Dear Marshian Alexa,
Steve Budd’s WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT LOVE starts in San Francisco this week (after its wonderful run in Berkeley.) AND it comes with a weekly gift bag raffle from Good Vibrations full of ??? or a $20 gift certificate from that luscious handmade Smitten ice cream just down Valencia. Come to the show and enter the raffle.
It’s a performance about love with lots of post-performance possibilities.
In fact, on Saturday, July 21, there’s a special post-show talk back with Steve and psychotherapist Dr. Barbara Anderson. A LIVE therapy session.
Love and FUN
Join us for Ross Everett’s STOP STOPPING THE UNSTOPPABLE. Take a risk with this first-time Marsh performer. It is so much Fun! Just four performances left. Based on audience requests for more, more, more after his show, Ross will be on hand Friday night for a post-performance “session.”
Wednesdays with Clyde Always!
Clyde is an up-and-coming true SF character. Here’s what our long-time house manager, Arnie said:
In nearly 11 years at The Marsh I have never seen a show or performer like
Clyde Always.
What energy from start to finish! Wild. Manic. Funny as hell. Cultural and social commentary clandestinely wrapped in perfectly rhymed tall-tales. 
Dan Hoyle’s EACH & EVERY THING a smash hit!
Dan Hoyle’s EACH & EVERY THING opened to full houses at The Marsh Berkeley last weekend. Join us this weekend as Dan tackles the digital age.
Just in! Saturday ONLY this week
Don Reed’s back a day early from NYC, so we’ve added a special CAN YOU DIG IT this Saturday.
Hope you are all wonderful!
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder