Sunny Maureen! Shimmering Tom! Sunset Potluck – February 24, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Sunny days!!! Thank goodness for the needed rain, but it sure is nice to traverse in the sunlight.

Did you see Tom Ammiano’s Sunday Chronicle Style article and cover? His blue hair shimmering! Shimmering in the sunlight. Just 3 more MINCING WORDS performances. This Saturday and then a new day added, a Thursday + Thursday.

And sunny, Maureen Langan opens her poignant and most hilarious DAUGHTER OF A GARBAGEMAN. What a fun performer! (It was great to be in her KGO show, Hangin with Langan, Sunday). Two things: Maureen wears some great shoes.

There are just a few tickets left for tonight’s performance. There will be cake.

At sunset Friday, we are having a post-Ghostlight event, 6:30pm. A potluck. A get-together. Then if you like, amble over to out Mainstage theater for Al Letson’s SUMMER IN SANCTUARY. $10 off with passcode “resist.”

Alicia, Brian, Dan & Don too! All our sun stars!

In art, in heart,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder