The Mushroom Cure Closing Weekend! – June 29, 2017

Dear Marshians,

Cogitating. What is apropos about celebrating Independence Day with a solo performance?

The holiday where we celebrate the declaring of our independence. The day we celebrate freedom to choose. The freedom to be solo. To have a voice.

What I wanted most when I started The Marsh in 1989, was to provide a platform, a venue where people could develop and present their voice.

Isn’t there something so democratic about the choice to develop our solos? Stories delivered within the political, social, and cultural context of our times. And to have a window into the lives of others. The similarity. The difference.

So join us this week leading up to Independence Day.

Celebrate independence. Intertwine communally!

FINAL WEEK of Adam Strauss’ THE MUSHROOM CURE. Must close Saturday!

Don Reed’s EAST 14th
Sharon Eberhardt’s CRAZY FAMOUS

AND more solo independence coming in July! Will Durst with DURST CASE SCENARIO and Dan Hoyle with an updated EACH AND EVERY THING.

Have a wonderful week of solo style independence,
Stephanie Weisman
Founder & Artistic Director
PS Make sure you see Mushroom Cure before it closes Saturday!