The Progressive Marsh – September 29, 2016

Dear Marshian,

Off to Wisconsin last week to visit my sister. The last time I was in Wisconsin was 36 years ago. unnamedI spent the summer of  1980 interning at The Progressive Magazine (Peace and Social Justice since 1909). It was the summer just after they published the H Bomb story. A pretty historic moment in that magazine, I wasn’t working on this, rather I spent my summer writing an editorial about congeneration (capturing the heat/energy from one source and using it as energy for another source), and researching every form of birth control known to “man” at that time. From carrot seeds to lunaception to hot tub testicle warming to cervical caps. Oh and of course the pill etc.

I was compelled to visit the Progressive Magazine’s office. First thing they did was hand me a current issue. Lo and behold there’s a column by Will Durst whose byline mentions ELECT TO LAUGH.

Then I talked to the publisher (who once lived on San Jose Street near The Marsh) about all our current Progressive Marsh performances. I mentioned:

Elaine Magree’s new show, which got wonderful Chronicle review, HOLDING THE EDGE honors death and celebrates life.

Dan Hoyle’s THE REAL AMERICANS, CLOSING in two weeks.

Tom Ammiano’s MINCING WORDS, OPENING this weekend. (Join Tom for a post-performance reception tonight. There will be cake!

This is also the CLOSING week of Don Reed’s EAST 14TH in Berkeley. Capture those last few tickets.

The most surprising, I’d even call it shocking realization of my visit to Madison, was that nothing, NOTHING was familiar. But what I do remember is the stories; the tornado warning going off, my roommates, Sally, Steven, Tishman, that Tishman, of Tishman Properties, my coworkers at The Progressive magazine.

Yes, what I remembered was the peeople, their stories. Just like I remember Marsh shows, the performers and you, Marshians; all enveloped here in the progressive political and social landscape of our times.

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director and Founder