The Thrill of Unique Derique and the Office — March 5, 2015

Photo Credit: Eric Carmichael

Photo Credit: Eric Carmichael

I was in the office yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden I heard hubbub. “Trepidatious” until I realized it was coming from Derique. He had burst into a hambone improv.

Wow. We all giggled with delight. If it had been a Glee episode, the entire office would have evolved into a musical. Well isn’t that one thing to do around that kind of energy?

Unique Derique is a force of nature a.k.a. performance!  So, I am thrilled that not only does Marsh office staff get to experience his talent, but starting this Sunday, you too can enjoy FOOL LA LA! and Derique’s world-renowned circus skills in San Francisco. AND he will lead a post-performance hambone and juggling mini workshop for the whole family.

Come join the fun this Sunday, March 8! To celebrate, we are offering a pair of comps to the first five who follow this instruction:  

Click here and use comp code ‘hambone‘ to reserve tickets for this Sunday’s show.

Temp? Lawyer? Ever Employed? THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!
Speaking of office environments, there’s only three weeks left of Josh Kornbluth’s HAIKU TUNNEL at The Marsh Berkeley. Use ‘haiku2015‘ for $10 tickets.

For this Friday’s show, click here and use discount code ‘haiku2015‘ to purchase tickets.
For this Saturday’s show, click here and use discount code ‘haiku2015‘ to purchase tickets.
(Also, don’t miss Josh’s REPORTS FROM THE ZEN HOSPICE improvs, Monday nights in Berkeley)

Marsh Talk 2 / Performance?  Ann Randolph
Coming right up on March 18, Ann Randolph is giving a one-time talk/performance INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS.  Although she developed it as a talk, her feedback has been the “best performance they’ve seen.” So not to be missed. Also, there’s just a few spots left in Ann’s two-day workshop, March 14 and 15. Can’t wait to see my pal!!!

Also: This Week on the Mainstages!

Don Reed’s STEREOTYPO: Rants and Rumblings at the DMV

Charlie Varon’s FEISTY OLD JEW
This week’s special guests, Sat: David Kleinberg  Sun: Paul Sussman, opening act and Rita Glassman, post-performance cabaret.

Have a great week!