Two Minds! Don! Adam! Derique! Marsh Talk! – June 7, 2018

Dear Marshians,

Join your mind with Lynne Kaufman’s TWO MINDS for its final 2 performances; this Friday and Saturday. What  great show. Great acting. Great directing. Mind blowing.

Don Reed’s Can You Dig It? – THE 60s (prequel to East 14th) has ONLY 3 more shows in San Francisco. Do Not Miss Mr. Fabulous Reed. San Francisco run ends June 16.

Adam Strauss is opening tonight for a sold-out talk by Michael Pollan. Pollan who saw THE MUSHROOM CURE called it “brilliant, hilarious, and moving.”

Meanwhile, Adam recently had a guided mushroom trip of the kind described in Pollan’s new bestseller How To Change Your Mind. Adam reports his trip was intense, but unlike the trip he describes in his show, the police were not involved.

So I guess that’s a plug fir guided mushroom trips over non-guided ones; or much better, just come see THE MUSHROOM CURE. It’s been extended through July 7.

Saturday, FAMILY FUN delight
Unique Derique’s FOOL LA LA: OVER THE RAINBOW. Circus. Body percussion. Post performance free juggling workshop.

MARSH TALK: Wednesday coming
Speaking of thrilled, Charlie Varon and Mark Kenward are giving a MARSH TALK next Wednesday, June 13. THE HUNGER NO SCREEN CAN SATISFY. What makes solo performances soar. Why the “digitous” screen is no substitute for live performance. Isn’t that so so true. YES!!

And Marshians here is your chance to move your own story forward. Sign up for a MONDAY NIGHT MARSH during the months of July through December and perform your own 15 minute story/solo show.

To health, joy and creative spiritliness!

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder