Unstoppable! Cure! Fool! Dig It! – June 20, 2018

Dear Marshians,

Unstoppable starts Friday! Opening party Saturday!

Ross Everett opens STOP STOPPING THE UNSTOPPABLE. Join Everett’s life coach alter-ego, Dale Thorhammer as he takes you down the road of personal development with unstoppable jokes, random chants, and trivial advice.

Ross initially garnered notoriety from his YouTube videos and as a host on the popular YouTube channel SourceFed. Since then, his work has been featured on NBC, Fox, Discovery and Sirius XM. Now he’s at The Marsh!

This is one of the funniest and most unique personal transformational shows Ive seen. There will be cake.

Only 2 more FOOL LA LA performances:
Unique Derique’s encore show Fool La La: Over the Rainbow, a feel-good performance for families, must close next Saturday. Catch it before it flies over the rainbow.

The psychopharmacological journey continues:
Adam Strauss’ THE MUSHROOM CURE on Friday and Saturday with two wonderful post-show talkbacks.
Friday: Bia Labate’s “Plants and Medicines: Traditional Healing in Modern Society
Saturday: Kynthia Brunette’s “The Path to Legal Psychedelic Medicine.”

Now extended through July 7 at The Marsh Berkeley.

Don Reed NOW in Berkeley!
We’ve transferred Don Reed’s CAN YOU DIG IT to Berkeley for a limited time run.
Dig it! Cure it! Fool it! and Stoppable it! this week at The Marsh.

All my best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder