Weekend Blast! – August 25, 2015


                                               Don Reed’s STEREOTYPO

Last Saturday night was a blast, I started off in San Francisco walking past a long long line waiting for the closing benefit performance of Dan Hoyle’s EACH AND EVERY THING. Opening the doors, I handed each Marshian a truffle in thanks for their Marsh support. And then flowers to Dan. After the show, I kvelled at the crowds lined up for the Echo Brown’s Black Virgins Are Not For Hipster, also sold out and extended.

I couldn’t stay because I was transbaying with more flowers to see W. Kamau Bell’s closing Saturday night performance in Berkeley.

When I got to Berkeley, Karen Ripley’s audience was milling around the cabaret bar after her hilarious show, OH NO, THERE’S MEN ON THE LAND. And oh yes, there were both men and woman in The Marsh Berkeley cabaret, drinking cocktails, wine, beer and ginger beer, and mixing it up with the Cops and Robbers’ audience who were conversationally engaged about the blowout show they had just seen.

Don Reed’s audience was also in the bar, waiting to see STEREOTYPO, Rant and Rumblings at the DMV. Originally also a closing night, Don has agreed to extend Stereotypo for one last time.

And for that we gratefully celebrate Stereotypo’s extension with 2 comp tickets to the first 5 to use the passcode “rave” for this weekend only. Now Saturday 8:30 pm and Sunday at 7 pm.

We also want to offer half price tickets to see Piper’s COPS AND ROBBERS to the first five to use the passcode “enforcement” for this Saturday only. It’s a limited run.

Have a great week!

All My Best,
Stephanie Weisman
Artistic Director/Founder