The Elements of Solo Performance with Mark Kenward

Class Description: Create and/or hone an original solo performance piece, while learning specific techniques that will help you unleash the full potential of this wonderful art form. This class is limited to only 6 participants so that everyone receives ample in-depth coaching. Each night will include a discussion, handout, and exercise focusing on a particular aspect of the craft of solo performance, including: Power through Purpose; Editing for Energy; Integrating Modes (Acting, Storytelling, Standup, etc.); Connecting to the Audience; Affirmations for the Stage; and more!

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To be waitlisted for a class, call 415.282.3055 between 1pm – 4pm,
Monday thru Friday, or send an email to:

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before the first session, you will be refunded any amount over $50 that you’ve paid. If you cancel after the first session, you will be refunded half the tuition. If you cancel any time after the second session, you will receive no refund. Cancellations must be made with a Marsh staff person during regular business hours (Mon-Fri) 1pm-4pm by calling 415-282-3055

“Mark Kenward is a remarkable performer and a dynamic director/collaborator, and because of that duality he has a unique insight into the world of solo performance.  As a collaborator, he has a great ability to motivate and guide the performer in very tangible ways. His process is both demanding and nurturing while always being aware and sensitive to the needs of the artist. He is a valued resource for me personally as well as a Bay Area treasure.” – Wayne Harris 

“Mark has been fabulous to work with. He elevated my performance level and deepened and shaped my script. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ve got a tough subject to deal with and he was with me all the way – encouraging, enthusiastic, tough when he had to be, and always available. Even some of his suggestions that I initially resisted turned out to be the right moves – stuff that was beyond me at my best.” – David Kleinberg

“Mark is a friendly, nurturing, companionable, confidence-building, coach/pal. And that’s balm for the soul!  When one of “me” wants to give up, because nobody cares if I do the work – Mark does!” – Erica Lann-Clark