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The Real AmericansThe Real Americans 6_PatrickWeishampel

KQED, “To Do List, Cy and David’s Picks: A Play About What Unites and Divides Us, and Two Music Fests to Clear the Fog”

Mercury News, “This Week’s Entertainment”

Talkin’ Broadway, “Regional News: The Real Americans”

Theatre Eddy’s Blog, “‘The Real Americans'”

SF Theater Blog, “Dan Hoyle’s ‘The Real Americans'”

SF Gate, “The Marsh Remounts ‘The Real Americans'”

The San Mateo Daily Journal, “Susan’s City Scene”

*KALW Interview with Dan Hoyle

*KPOO Interview with Dan Hoyle

Each And Everything

SF Chronicle “‘Each and Every Thing’ Review: A Case for Live Relations”

SF Examiner “Unwired Dan Hoyle Connects in ‘Each and Every Thing'”


Colette Uncensored

SF Gate, “Lorri Holt Gets Personal with ‘Colette'”

Stark Insider, “Colette Uncensored Will Leave You Wanting More”

SF Examiner, “Lorri Holt Bring Colette to Life in ‘Uncensored'”

Talkin Broadway, “Regional Reviews: San Francisco/North Bay: Colette Uncensored”

For All Events Reviews, “COLETTE Uncensored, Starring Lorri Holt, Directed by David Ford”

Theatre Storm, “Review: ‘Colette Uncensored’ A World Premier at The Marsh, San Francisco, Starring Lorri Holt”

Daily Cal Journal, “Colette Uncensored Explores Passion at The Marsh”

*KPFA Interview with Lorri Holt

ADY LADY51b55f23-ad29-45f9-b828-905440a19c0f

From Piss To Bliss

SF Examiner, “Ady Lady Ponders Salvation vs. Shame in Funny Solo Show”

Mercury News Entertainment 


Elect To Laugh: 2016147bcdbf-dc1b-401a-9c06-a570731d9ef6-225x300

Theatre Eddy’s, “Elect To laugh”

Marinscope, “Will Durst Mocks Candidates and Losers”

For All Events, “Will Durst Mocks Presidential Candidates–And Losers”

Stark Insider, “Elect To Laugh 2016: Again and Again”

Talkin Broadway, “Regional Reviews: San Francisco/North Bay”

Joint Forces Journal, “Travel and Entertainment: The Timing for Will Durst’s ‘Elect to Laugh’ Couldn’t be Better”

SF Theater Blogspot, “Will Durst’s Elect To Laugh a Bang”

The SF-ist To-Do List, “12 Cool Things to Check Out This Week”

KPOV “Elect To Laugh with Will Durst and KPOV February 12”

JULIE KATZKatz2-241x300

Grey Matter

Marinscope, “Solo Comedy Skewers Silicon Valley-type Corporations”

Repeat Performances, “Exercising the Grey Matter”

Talkin Broadway, “Regional Reviews: North bay/San Francisco: Grey Matter”

SF Examiner, “‘Grey Matter’ Skewers Corporate Culture”


COREY FISCHERe3582ccf-4b11-40ea-a8c7-86e602cc8d3b-200x300

Lightning in the Brain

Marin Independent Journal, “Corey Fischer Cruises Down Memory Lane in Marsh Solo”

SF Examiner, Local Theater Vet Corey Fischer Tells Life Story in ‘Lightning'”

For All Events Reviews, “Brave One-Man Show Airs Vulnerabilities, Frailties”


Eating Pasta Off the Floor

Marin Independent Journal, “Theater review: Solo show ‘Eating Pasta’ is a bittersweet delight”


Lear’s Shadow11170363_10152694138122811_146704123633385657_n-225x300

SF Gate, “Geoff Hoyle Walks in ‘Lear’s Shadow’ at The Marsh”

Wopular, “Geoff Hoyle Walks in ‘Lear’s Shadow’ at The Marsh”

SF Examiner, “Geoff Hoyle’s Jesting Sublime Lear’s Shadow”

KQED, “From A Fool And A Pack of Puppets, Two Offbeat Productions of Lear”

SF Theater Blog, “Geoff Hoyle’s ‘Lear’s Shadow’ A Bang”

My Cultural Landscape, “I Have A Song To Sing, O!”

Huffington Post, “I Have A Song To Sing, O!”


Second Time Around

KQED “CY and David’s Picks: Listening to a Luscious Soprano, Southern Rap, and a DIY Moog”

San Jose Mercury News “Top 10 for the Week”

SF Gate “A Story Told Through Cello and Voice”

SF Chronicle “Second Time Around: Narrative, Music Tied Together With A Bow”

KDFC: The State of the Arts with Jeffrey Freymann 

SF Gate “Cello Adds Depth to Latest Narrative”

Stark Insider “This Time With Heart: Second Time Around”

Talkin Broadway “Talkin Broadway Region Reviews: San Francisco/North Bay: Second Time Around”

Marinscope “Unique Storyteller-Cellist Duet Accents Poignancy”

My Cultural Landscape Blogspot “Digging Out The Backstory”

SF Examiner “Cello Adds Emotion to 92-year-old’s Story in ‘Second Time Around'”

Echo Brown Headshot

Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters

SF Chronicle “Funny ‘Black Virgins’ Also Serious About Race”

SF Theater Blog “It’s Hard to Pick a Favorite Bit…”

Examiner.com “Echo Brown’s Autobiographical Solo ‘Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters'”

KQEDA Black Virgin, a White Hipster, and the Myth of Post-racial America”

SF Gate “‘Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters’ Back At The Marsh”

Contra Costa Times, Mercury NewsTop 10 Weekend Highlight”

Talkin Broadway, “Regional Reviews: San Francisco: Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters”

Theatre Eddy’s, “Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters”

Stark Insider, “Realer Than Realer: Black Virgins Are Not For Hipsters”

BRIAN COPELANDbriancopeland05

The Waiting Period

Newsweek “After Robin Williams’s Suicide, Brian Copeland Revives His Show About Depression”

SF Gate “See Copeland’s ‘Waiting Period’ For Free”

The Jewelry Box

Stark Insider “Brian Copeland’s ‘Jewelry Box” at The Marsh Review”


Date Night At Pet Emergency

Stark Insider “Not Just a Morality Tale: Date Night At Pet Emergency”

The Bay Area Reporter “Love, Death, and Canines”

Your Berkeley “What To Do In Berkeley This Weekend”

SF Examiner “‘Date Night’ A Funny, Thoughtful Look At Marriage and Parenting”


Mother’s Milk: A Blues Riff In 3 Acts

Theatre Bay Area “Editors’ Picks”

SF Gate “The Fringe Festival Sends in the Clowns”

SF Examiner “Music, Memory Meld Magically In Mother’s Milk”


Philosophy Talk

Los Angeles Times “They Think Therefore They Are”

The Guardian UK “Radio That Knows How to Talk”

ANN RANDOLPHAnn_open_mouth


SF Gate “This Weekend’s Bay Area Arts and Entertainment Picks, Sept. 11”

SF Theater Blog “Ann Randolph: Loveland”

Talkin Broadway “Regional Reviews: Ann Randolph’s Loveland”

Theatre Eddy’s “Loveland: Good Grief”

Stark Insider “Laughter and Death at Ann Randolph’s ‘Loveland'”

Inappropriate In All The Right Ways

Huffington Post “Ann Randolph: Life Lessons Onstage”

MEGAN TIMPANEb12ebe1e-6c8d-4b3a-8e03-193a23ceaf29

Having Cancer Is Hilarious

SF Examiner “Survivor Brings On Laughs in ‘Having Cancer Is Hilarious”

Ross Valley Reporter “One-Woman Show Draws Merriment From Blood Cancer”

SF Examiner “October 23-24 Events”

Mercury News “Fall Arts 2015: Bay Stages”

KAREN RIPLEYKR_website_v2b-1-211x300

Oh No! There’s Men On The Land

Theatre Eddy’s Blog Spot “Oh No, There’s Men On The Land”

SF Examiner “‘Oh No’ Amusingly Details 1970s Lesbian Journey”