The MYT Assistant/Internship program is designed to give college and older high school students the opportunity to experiment with the artistic and technical aspects of a full-scale theater production. By working side by side with professional artists, students experience the myriad of ‘backstage’ tasks that go into creating the stage and background for the performing artist.

MYT emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of theater. The internship program gives students interested in the artistic and technical aspects of theater a chance to work with students to create a musical theater production. Interns will also get the opportunity to assist in teaching younger children as well as learning the organizational skills that the mentor teachers use to plan their program. Interns will learn about problem solving, budgets, shopping for materials, teaching at different age levels, and collaborating with other artists. These skills will be invaluable to young people looking towards careers as teachers, performers, or artists.

Assistants/Interns can choose to focus on one or several aspects of theater:

  • Choreography and dance assistant
  • Set design and construction
  • Scene painting
  • Property design and construction
  • Costume design and construction
  • Sound and lights: design, set up and running
  • Stage management
  • Production assistant

Students will be assigned to a mentor teacher who will oversee their work and include them in the planning and teaching process of the production. Interns will also help with the general running of the program, including being present to assist during lunch and recess. Please read the MYT brochure for more information about the general program.

Enrollment is limited. Students are asked to fill in the enclosed application describing their particular interests and why they feel this program would be beneficial to them.

Assistants/Interns may participate in any or all of the MYT programs:

Interns may also elect to work in general Marsh Youth Theater administration and marketing work during all or portions of the complete summer period: June 2-August 12

Please click here for information on the different workshops.

There is no cost for the program. Community service credit is available. Stipends may be available to SF high school students only through MYEEP or California Lawyers for the Arts.



STUDENT’S NAME:____________________________________________________ BIRTHDATE: _______________




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ADDRESS: ______________________________________ City ________________ State ____ ZIP ______________


CONTACT PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME: ______________________________________________________________


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To be filled out by student applicant: Please use extra paper if necessary.

  1. Describe your interest and experience in theater. In what aspect are you especially interested?



  1. Describe your interest and experience in working with children:



  1. Why do you think this program would be of benefit to you?



  1. In what ways do you feel you could be of benefit to the MYT program? What special skills do you bring?



Please give the name number of a reference we can call who knows of your accomplishments in theater and/or working with children.


Name: __________________________________ phone____________________


e-mail _______________________________ Relationship to you ___________________



Please let us know which days will conflict with the your work at the program:



Note: By signing up for the internship program, you commit yourself to the dates you choose. Our program depends on consistency and commitment. Conflict dates are subject to approval by the director.


Send application or address any questions to:
Wayne Harris, Program Director
MYT Assistan/Internship Program
1062 Valencia Street
SF, CA 94110
415-826-5750 x3;
cell: 510-427-5604