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Theater A – Saturday

10:00 AM – Javier Cavanilla, Omar Ledezma
Ka-Hon Ensemble
Join Ka-Hon on an adventure in Latin percussion! Discover an explosive array of rhythms from around the world that can be played with a simple wooden box (cajón). Immerse yourself in the music as Ka-Hon shares rhythms and songs from Peru, Mexico, Spain, Cuba and Venezuela in this highly interactive and engaging performance. Featuring Bay Area artists: Pedro Rosales, José Roberto Hernandez and Grammy © Award Winners: Omar Ledezma, Jr., Javier Cabanillas, and Braulio Barrera.
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11:00 AM – Terri Sarappo, Kate Manbert, Steve Fogel
Menage a Trois

Terri Serappo
Steve Fogel, Terri Serappo, Kate Manbert

Our show is a three person group called Menage a Trois, composed of Steve Fogel, Kate Manbert and Terri Sarappo. The 3 of us are going to do a 40 min set of structured improv. We are from the peninsula where we have been members of an improv group and are adding a little sketch and improv together to make a great evening of comedy.

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12:00 PM – Magdalena Soul
Healing From Sexual Abuse
Magdalena Soul Healing from Sexual Abuse story is a storytelling piece about a fourth year journey into Sexual Healing and Abuse. Magdalena Soul does find help through healing through various ways.
This is her life story.

Healing From Sexual Abuse tix


2:00 PM – Bennet Caffee
My First Miracle
Bennet Caffee
I’m standing in the middle of a football stadium full of people. They think they’re here for a Rolling Stones Concert, but they’re really here for me. The Stones are about to come on and I see in front of me a girl on crutches. My First Miracle – I’m gonna make her walk. An inside look at bipolar mood disorder.





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– Nugget Fringe Theater Festival, Grass Valley, CA
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3:00 PM Joan Chaplick
Put a Little Shimmer in Your Day
Joan Chapnick
Retired professional athlete meets single San Franciscan woman age 40+. He’s looking for freedom- she’s wants commitment. Somehow- it results in an amazing adventure of friendship, fame and fur. (Did I mention he’s a dog?)

Put a Little Shimmer in Your Day tix


4:00 PM David Jacobson
Tales From Dog’s Misery Swamp
Dog's Misery
A crazy-quilt collection of overlapping tales and colliding obsessions: An idealistic con artist, a birdwatcher gone rogue, an eco-disaster chaser with the soul of a philosopher, a billionaire with a foul fetish, an apocryphal creature seeking grace, and two guys sharing one ill-fitting uniform. Just before daybreak, in the horribly polluted swamp of an on-the-skids town, they’re all in hot pursuit of their lives’ holy grails. Excerpt from full-length show developed with Charlie Varon and Mark Kenward.

Tales from Dog’s Misery Swamp tix


6:00 PM – Mark Kenward, Lee Archer, Jeremy Julian Greco, Howard Petrick, Houston Robertson
The High Dive All-Stars
High Dive All Stars
Marsh director Mark Kenward presents four outrageous and entertaining performers, coming straight to you from his home studio in Oakland (‘The High Dive’). Starring Lee Archer, Jeremy Julian Greco, Howard Petrick, and Houston Robertson. It’s a program for anyone
interested in accordions, reincarnated lunch meat, and sex in your 80s! And for those who aren’t!


High Dive All Stars tix


7:00 PM – Mary Connors-Carson
The New Dolores
New Dolores
Dolores has had a shock in her life and is trying to change the way she lives to reflect her new beliefs. But, something is holding her up. Come hang with Dolores as she reveals her secret along with some of her new perspectives.

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8:00 PM – Pearl Marill
Stuck Yeah: A Working Process
Pearl Marill
Stuck Yeah: A Working Process” is a solo show/work in progress by
Isadora Duncan Dance Award winner Pearl Marill. Using comedy, improvisation, and dance, Marill simultaneously shares and explores
different techniques to embrace and mine the common life affliction of “feeling stuck” as a way to generate creativity. Stuck Yeah is a show about finding and saying yes to what we perceive as our obstacles and finding wonderfully absurd, ridiculous, sublime, and ultimately freeing ways to work with “STUCKNESS.

Stuck Yeah: A Working Process tix


9:00 PM – Casey Busher
Peach Pit Improv
Peach Pit
Peach Pit is an all-woman all-nonsense improv troupe whose commitment to absurdity is rivaled only by their fierce (and at times disconcerting) obsession with each other. They perform original forms that incorporate anything from fake news and audience interviews to mad-lib style suggestions. Peach Pit has been called “bizarre” and “the indie rock of improv.”

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Peach Pit Improv tix



Theater B – Saturday

10:00 AM DuMais, Ali Tabor Balfantz, Tim Kutz, Joe Balfantz, Michael Mernagh
LOL Improv
LOL is an on the edge improv team. Risky choices. Big emotions. Lots of laughs. Lots of tears.

Joe and Dumais
Joe Balfantz, Dumais
LOL team
Michael Mernagh, Tim Kutz
New LOL improv
LOL Improv team – Michael Mernagh, Ali Balfantz, Joe Balfantz, Tim Kutz, DuMais






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11:00 AM Linda Gonzalez, Maria Ramos-Chertok
Las Atrevidas
Las Altrevidas
Come hear creative writers Linda González and Maria Ramos-Chertok bring life and laughter to micro-aggressions. As Latinas with immigrant ancestors, they were taught ‘la educación’ would open doors. While it certainly has, they’ve also found out what was on the other side of those previously closed doors! Come hear about their daily encounters with “progressive” bay area people and be privy to what González and Ramos REALLY want to say back to Dick and Jane and the woman in aisle 6 at Whole Foods, not to mention to the 45th president of U.S.

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12:00 PM – Marcia Aguilar
Mar Mar
Mar Mar
Meet MarMar-a unique speck in this locura of a universe, transforming truth and them selves momento to momento. Wielding Drama therapy, Full Spectrum Improvisation and Abuelita wisdom as the main defense to this real-world reality show. MarMar will laugh, cry, and burn the stage down in this revelation of self and us.



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1:00 PM Irma D. Herrera, Theresa Donahoe
A Brown and a A White Mexican Take the Stage!
Irma and Theresa
A proud and righteous Chicana and a White Mexican get you to thinking…”what makes us who we are?” Theresa Donahoe’s “Confessions of a White Mexican” and Irma Herrera’s “Your Name is WHAT?” provide insights into the assumptions we make about others based on our perceptions of who they are and where they fit into society’s pecking order. You’ll CRINGE and LAUGH and leave a tad bit more enlightened and informed.

Facebook – Irma Herrera, Theresa Donahue | Instagram – Theresa Donahue |YouTube – Irma Herrera

A Brown and a A White Mexican Take the Stage tix


3:00 PM – Jan Friedman
The Committee
Jan Friedman
From JDATE to the first kiss to the Big Nite and beyond, this good
girl people pleaser challenges her internal committee of Jewish
busybodies to free her inner bawdy girl and find her prince.
Negotiating the landscape of senior dating and elder sex, Jan takes
you on her funny and moving journey of self doubt and self discovery,
emerging not just with the love of her life, but with freedom from,
and compassion for, her harsh inner critics.

The Committee tix

4:00 PM – Edna Raia, Jeremy Krupp, James Sundquist
Harsh Sadness
We Just Met
When times are tough, sometimes we need that extra push, so why not make it fun? Join us for HARSH SADNESS, the only gameshow that lets one lucky contestant end their pain. “We Just Met” troupe is:
Edna Mira Raia, Jeremy Krupp and James Sundquist
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5:00 PM – Carrie Kartman
I Should Have Listened
I should have listened
If you have a family, ever had a family, or know someone who has a family, then you’ll resonate with this drama of listening and not listening, at all the wrong times. It began with a simple Sunday afternoon hike. But really, is anything simple with family? It all turned upside-down, when a daughter who’s a mother, her partner, and her brother, suddenly found themselves fighting for the lives of their twin boys and the grandmother who loved them so much, she just couldn’t say “no.” Directed by Mark Kenward.

I Should Have Listened tix

7:00 PM – Carole Klyce
Life is a Riot
Carole Klyce
My personal revolution will not be televised! Please come in person to join my real life adventure of a fugitive teenager with a passion for politics!

Life is a Riot tix


8:00 PM – Douglass Truth
Ask Death  
Ask Death
Dorothy is a slightly-past middle-aged waitress who meets Death in a bar. They become friends; 49 days later, she becomes Death, Herself. And now she’s here—and you can ASK DEATH any question you want!

YouTube – Ask Death |  Facebook – Ask Death

Ask Death tix



9:00 PM – Lisa Barber
Suburban Thunder Improv Company
Suburban Thunder
Suburban Thunder Improv Company, spawned in the friendly confines of the docile East Bay bedroom community of San Ramon, is unique among improvisers. We use our 250 years of combined life experiences to entertain you with funny and thoughtful scenes and games. Either way, we bring the thunder!



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10:00 PM –