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Theater A – Friday

6:00 PM Susan Evans, Marleen Smith
Modern Grandparenting
Modern Grandparenting

The trials and tribulations of being a grandparent today!

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7:00 PM – Eleanor Scott
A Sadhu in Paris
Sadhu in Paris
A Sadhu in Paris is the sad but true story of gender bias in the Tech world and how that led to Eleanor losing the coolest, hippest job she ever had. The things that kept Eleanor afloat and optimistic included: Elena Ferrante, her beautiful son, a special doctor, a dear friend, Beyoncé and a chance encounter in India.

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8:00 PM – Anna Lisa Rhona
July 14 – A Peek at a 21st Century Love Affair
July 14
July 14th captures a day in the life of a woman, a married woman who has accepted her husband’s request for an open marriage and has leapt into an affair with an aloof, successful lawyer, and is now hanging on by a tiny thread for all hell NOT to break loose.

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9:00 PM – Joshua Hattam
The Fireman Song
Josh Hattam
Joshua A. Hattam brings haunting detail from a compressed excerpt of his coming memoir, “The Fireman Song,” exhibiting the perpetual power of his mother’s love in the face of broken men. He offers an account of January 26, 2009, when he would be admitted to the E.R. just rooms down from her. She facing the prospect of leg amputation; he gunshots to his head and arm. This searing tale of life’s great tragedy; the dreams that die inside of us while we still live.
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Theater B – Friday

6:00 PM – Julie Dillon
Singer/songwriterJulie Dillon
Julie Dillon has been a singer songwriter for many years in San Francisco. Her songs arrive organically with one note or one phrase from one moment in time. Patience, passion and chaos are altogether crucial for her true joyful artistry.



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7:00 PM – Zhanna Shpits
Dream Big with Zhanna
Dream Big with Zhanna. Inspiring you to Re-Ignite, Re-Fire and Re-Fuel
your life. Or “What if…” Zhanna’s keynote combines inspiring personal stories and
heart-touching songs to create distinct, memorable, and transformational experiences. Her aim is to illuminate the creative spark within to shine the light on every participant’s greatness. Audiences are inspired by her stories and her music. They are enchanted by her beautiful and sultry voice, whether she is singing original music, the classic standards, or traditional Russian Bards sung in her native language.

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8:00 PM – David Ford, Harriet Patterson, Linda Joy
Times Unseen

Times Unseen

Harriet Patterson, Linda Joy

Harriet Patterson and Linda Joy are presenting work being developed as part of The Marsh’s Times Unseen Initiative. Harriet Patterson’s “Unfriending Texas” and Linda Joy’s “ On the Brink” are works being developed as part of The Marsh’s Times Unseen Initiative, a project created and directed by David Ford. Times Unseen: because we are in new territory politically, and because politics, for better or for worse, are about promises of a changed future, times as yet unseen

Times Unseen tix

9:00 PM – Sia Amma
Uncle Sam’s Children in Africa
Sia Amma
Sia Amma out of from Africa. She grew up in a small town between the boundaries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in West Africa. She remembers walking through town as a child, seeing family members, beautiful buildings and children laughing in the streets. In the market, Mandinka women sold ceremonial white cloth. Twenty years later, when she returned following the civil war, that was all gone. The entire town had vanished. Amma is a stand-up comedian, dancer and actress who is best known for making fun of African and American cultures, relationships, life experiences, sexuality and, of course, herself.

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