Marathon Rules

Rules for the Marsh Madness Marathon

Each team must consist of 1 or more people.

Performances with children under 12 must be rated G, and those with children 13-17 must be G or PG

No glitter, liquids or confetti, please!

You must be able to complete your program in 40 minutes or less, including time to get on and off the stage, with all your props.

Programs must be 100% ‘unplugged’ (they can be wi-fi powered) – no use of devices that must be plugged into electrical outlets.

Audience Ratings:

G – appropriate for all ages – we hope you may decide to tailor your program to children, including storytelling, physical comedy, puppetry, magic, etc.

PG – geared toward adult audiences, teenagers may attend with the consent of parent or guardian

Mature – Content restricted to audiences 18 years or older – this may include ribald comedy, burlesque or performance art or stories with mature themes – no offensive or illegal content will be allowed.


Half your score will be determined by audience attendance, half by audience ratings.

At the end of the evening on Saturday the top 4 teams will be determined and will perform again on Sunday.  IF a tie-breaker is needed to determine any of the 4 places, the first tie-breaker will be the team with the highest audience rating, and the second by a vote taken by the official Marsh Madness committee.

At the end of the Sunday performances, the champion and runners-up will be determined by a panel of Marsh VIPs and celebrities.