Stephanie Weisman, our theater’s founder and artistic director, started The Marsh because she wanted a place for writers and performers like herself to easily develop their work. In 1989, she planted a seed by starting a Monday night performance series at the Hotel Utah on Bryant Street. Monday Night Marsh is the seed that sprouted into what is now The Marsh Theater: A Breeding Ground for New performance. The program prides itself in sharing personal stories and unique experiences of all types, with a goal of amplifying the voices of our community. It is crucial, now more than ever, to share your story. Local celebrities like Josh Kornbluth, Marga Gomez, Irma Herrera, Diane Barnes, and so many others got their start on Monday Night Marsh.

Join us. Wonderful things can happen.

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We are now accepting submissions for the spring (January-June) season! 
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Upcoming Performances

December 5 & 12

Jeremy Greco’s
The Big Snap

SHOW DESCRIPTION: The Big Snap!  On March 17th, 2020, a lockdown was announced in San Francisco.  Jeremy Greco decided to document each day by taking a picture.  What he thought would last 30 days, instead lasted 365.

From these pictures, Greco conducted a series of interviews of people from all walks of life: head of the SF Republican party, John Dennis, formerly incarcerated individual, Tony Cyprien, author Nicole Galland, former Salon Advice Columnist, Cary Tennis, Greco’s daughters and many others. All of whom discussed their year of covid, Trump and their hopes for the future – without Snapping.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Jeremy Julian Greco is a San Francisco-based actor, director and writer.  Greco’s first solo show, “With Held,” directed by Mark Kenward, was based on six months of interviews with San Francisco mail artist and writer John Held Jr. Greco performed With Held throughout the Bay Area including The San Francisco Fringe Festival and the Marin Fringe Festival, where Greco won a Critics’ Circle Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the artist.

Greco has performed his most recent solo work, Keeping Up with the Jorgensons – also directed by Mark Kenward – at The 2017 Yes to Everything Festival, the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival (to sold out crowds where it won a  “Best of” award honors), New York’s United Solo Theater Festival in 2018,  a Discovery Run at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco, the 2019 Whitefire’s Solo Fest in LA and at the Dallas Solo Festival.

Marion Lovinger’s
Covid, Drugs, and Tankinis

SHOW DESCRIPTION: March 2020. When the confinement starts, Marion loses access to her main pleasure in life. Her life-saver is gone. But she can’t complain about it while others are  losing their livelihoods, getting sick or dying. Or can she?

 To go through this rough patch, she has no other choice but to follow  her doctor’s prescription thoroughly, watch a show about royalty and try to forget her paradise lost. Until one day it comes back.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Marion Lovinger is French and has lived in the Bay area for a long time. She has been writing in English and performing her work for ten years. So happy to be back.

Margie Talavera’s
Pantomime in Private


SHOW DESCRIPTION: There is humor, drama, and a bit of dance in Pantomime in Private. Margie Talavera’s one-woman show is about saying it out loud without uttering a word.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Margie Talavera was born and raised in San Francisco. She is a veteran of the US Navy during the Vietnam era, an RBB&B Clown College Graduate of 1985, and a traveller with the RBB&B Blue Unit as a professional clown between 1985 and 1992.

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