Monday Night Marsh Submission Information

Monday Night Marsh is BACK!
Accepting submissions for the spring 2023 series

We are now accepting submissions for the spring (January-July) season! This will be our 4th season back with in-person shows and we couldn’t be more excited. Below, you’ll find the following information:

  • What the MNM program is
  • What we are looking for
  • How to submit your piece
  • Available dates
  • The Marsh’s COVID-19 protocols

The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 26, 2022

 ~ About Monday Night Marsh ~

Stephanie Weisman, our theater’s founder and artistic director, started The Marsh because she wanted a place for writers and performers like herself to easily develop their work. In 1989, she planted a seed by starting a Monday Night Marsh performance series at The Hotel Utah on Bryant Street. Monday Night Marsh is the seed that sprouted into what is now The Marsh theater–a breeding ground for new performance. The program prides itself in sharing personal stories and unique experiences of all types, with the goal of amplifying the voices of our community. It is crucial, now more than ever, to share your story. Local celebrities like Josh Kornbluth, Marga Gomez, Irma Herrera, Diane Barnes, and so many others got their start on Monday Night Marsh.

~ What We Are Looking For ~

TYPE OF PERFORMANCE: We are looking for performers of all stripes: solo performers, monologuists, contortionists, spoken word poets, movement artists, low-tech musicians, and the list goes on!

AGE: Performers must be 18 years of age or older. 

LOCATION: All performances will take place at The Marsh’s San Francisco Mainstage (1062 Valencia Street in San Francisco).

TWO PERFORMANCES: You will perform twice with the same group. Once to try out your piece, a second time to either perform another excerpt or improve upon your previous performance. 

POST-SHOW Q&A: After the show, we will host a short Q&A with the audience about the process of writing/performing your piece and other similar topics.

TIME LIMIT: Performances can be a maximum of 20 minutes long. This is non-negotiable. There is no minimum time limit. 

OFF-BOOK: unless discussed with us ahead of time, all performers should be OFF BOOK. Please do not read directly from your script(s).

TECH NEEDS: Tech time for performers is limited. We prefer to book performances with no technical needs beyond light and simple sound cues. 

If you have instruments, you will need to operate them on your own; the tech cannot plug or patch anything into the soundboard. We have six-seven working outlets onstage available for use. 

We accept sound cues on a CD, laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad, or older android with a 1/8″ adaptor. NO PROJECTIONS.

REHEARSALS: Tech rehearsals and a SUPER BRIEF cue-to-cue will be held from 5:45pm to 6:30pm on the same night as your performance. 

NOT ALLOWED: No fire, glitter, body paint, or messy foods are allowed on stage.

SHOW INFO: Call time for performers is 5:45pm | Doors open at 6:30pm | Show starts 7pm. No intermission. Tickets will be available for purchase online and at the door. Tickets are $13-$25 sliding scale.

TWO WAYS TO WATCH: MNM is offering two ways for audience members to watch the show! They can watch in person (tickets must be purchased either online or at the door). Or they can watch from home via zoom (for free). The zoom link will be accessible via the MNM page on our website.

MARKETING: We are working on expanding our marketing department. In the meantime, we will need your help with advertising your performance! We will give you tips on how to do this. 

NOTE: We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of whether you performed in previous Monday Night Marshes or Monday Night MarshStreams.

~ How to Submit Your Piece ~

All instructions below must be followed to avoid delay in submission review.

SUBJECT LINE: We are only accepting submissions via email. When sending your submission, please put the following in the subject line of your email:


and send to the following address:

TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: Include the title of your piece, even if it is a working title.

BLURB: Let us know what your piece is about. You can include a section where you talk freely about the piece, and another section where you include the blurb you would like us to use on the website. If you include both, please clarify which is which so we don’t put the wrong description on our website if selected. 

Do not send an entire script; we will not have time to review full scripts. If you have a video or clip of a previous performance–whether or not it’s the same piece you are submitting–feel free to send that. (This is not a requirement). 

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Tell us about yourself! You can include a section where you freely talk about yourself, and another section where you include the actual bio you would like us to use on the website. If you include both, please clarify which is which so we don’t put the wrong description on our website if selected.

PHONE NUMBER: Provide us with your phone number. 

AVAILABILITY: Review the schedule of open dates below. Tell us which pair of dates you CAN do in order of preference. Indicate at least 3 pairs of dates you can do, although you are welcome to list more. if you cannot do both paired nights, we will not sign you up for just one date.

SCHEDULING: The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 27, 2022. We will work hard to get back to you about whether or not you have been selected by Thursday, December 29 to ensure folks who are selected to perform in January have time to prepare.

~ Open Dates for the Spring 2023 Series ~

We have 9 pairs of performance dates available for this term, which means we can accept up to 27 performers! If we cannot give you a date for this spring 2023 series, we encourage you ti submit for the fall 2023 series. 

These dates are paired. Let us know which PAIRS you can do in order of preference.

January 9 & 23

February 13 & 27

March 6 & 20
March 13 & 27

April 3 & 17
April 10 & 24

May 1 & 15
May 8 & 22

June 12 & 26

Remember to include all the information requested above in your submission! Email your submission to

If you have any questions, contact Program Director, Alexa Almira, at The deadline for submission is Monday, December 27, 2022. 

Happy writing!

~ Monday Night Marsh COVID-19 Protocols 


The following protocols are what The Marsh as a whole has decided to implement as of April 15, 2022. Protocols are subject to change based on city and state ordinances. You will be notified if changes to these protocols are made. 

  • Performers are required to show proof of vaccination and matching ID in order to enter the theater. We cannot allow anyone to enter the theater if proof of vaccination and matching ID are not shown. Digital proof of vaccination is accepted but ensure your name is present on the digital copy so we can match it to your ID.
  • Performers are required to wear a mask at all times while in the theater except while actively performing. The mask must cover your nose and mouth.

  • All audience members are required to wear a mask at all times and show proof of vaccination with matching ID before entering the theater. 

  • We use 3 air filters, several fans, and a ventilation system in the mainstage to encourage ventilation.

  • If tickets are purchased at the door and you want to pay with cash, please have exact change as we do not carry change. Credit card purchases are preferred,