Monday Night Marsh Submission Information

July – December 2019 Series

It’s that time of year to book Monday Night Marsh evenings again! We are currently filling slots for the July – December 2019 series.

If you are interested in applying and submitting your piece, please read and follow ALL of the instructions below.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, May 27, 2019


What is Monday Night Marsh All About?

1. We are looking for performers of all stripes: solo-performers, monologuists, contortionists, spoken word/poets, movement artists, comedians, the list goes on. Please be aware that Monday Night Marsh is fairly minimal in terms of tech, so if you have a large band, or need a lot of extra technical support, we may not be able to accommodate all your needs.

2. Unless discussed with us ahead of time, all performers should be OFF BOOK, so we ask that you please do not read directly from scripts. 

3. We would like you to perform two nights with the same group. Once to try out your piece, a second time to either perform another excerpt or improve upon your previous performance.

4. Performances can be a maximum of 20 minutes long. This is non-negotiable. There is no minimum.

5. Tech time for performers is limited. We prefer to book performances with no technical needs beyond simple light and sound cues. If you have instruments, you will need to operate those on stage on your own; the tech will not be able to plug anything into the soundboard. Please also note we cannot do projections.

6. Tech rehearsals and SUPER BRIEF cue-to-cue will be held on the same night you perform from 6pm-7pm.

7. No fire in the house.

8. Show times are always at 7:30pm | Call time at 6pm | Admission is $8 – $15 | No intermission.

9. Although we encourage everyone to submit, please note that we generally do not book performers two terms in a row in an effort to give new performers a chance. If you have performed in the Spring 2019 series you will be given lower priority in this series.

How To Apply For Monday Night Marsh

Please help us keep organized so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible by following ALL of the instructions below. If you do not include all of the information, your submission review will be delayed.

1. When you send in your submission, please put in the subject line of your email: 


2. Send us a paragraph about you and your performance. Tell us the title of your piece and a brief summary about it. Please do not send an entire script. We receive too many submissions and do not have the time to review full scripts. You may, however, send us one page from your script.  If you have a video (or clip) of a previous performance – whether or not it’s the same piece – feel free to send that as well.

3. Provide us with your phone number.

4. Look at the schedule of “open” dates below. Tell us which ones you CAN do in order of preference. If you cannot do both nights, we will not sign you up for just one. Also, please do not give us only one date that you are available for. Note that if you are only available for one set of dates, we may not be able to get you in.

5. Once we have the schedule put together we will let you know – please be patient with this as it takes time to put the schedule together.

6. Although we encourage all to apply, please note, again, that we generally do not book performers two terms in a row in an effort to give new performers a chance. If you have performed in the Spring 2019 series you will be given lower priority in this series.

7. Again, the DEADLINE for submissions will be Monday, May 27Any submissions past that will not be accepted.

Open Dates For This Term

This time we have 9 pairs of evenings available, which means we can accept about 36 performers! Please remember we receive MANY request slots for Monday Night Marsh and due to the large amount, we cannot give everyone an evening. However, we will do our best to get in all that we can! If we cannot give you a date for this coming series, we encourage you to try again the following series.

These dates are paired. So please only let us know what PAIRS you can do in order of preference as you are to perform two nights.

1 & 15
8 & 22

5 & 19
12 & 26

9 & 23
16 & 30

7 & 21

4 & 18

16 & 30

As a reminder, please include a list of dates for which you are available in order of preference as well as the information requested above in your submission. We will get back to you by the beginning of June with the Monday Night Marsh schedule. We will also be sure to contact you if you do not get accepted as well.
Thank you for your interest!

Send your submissions to

If you have any further questions, contact the Program Director, Alexa Almira, at