Kids at home? Let our MYT Teachers educate and entertain them!


Our Zoom “Studio” Room opens 15 mins before class.
Limited to the first 100 participants.
If full, please go to The Marsh’s YouTube Channel.

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Get Creative with Ms. Verka
Mondays at 4:00pm PT (30 – 40 mins)
All ages are welcome
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Come Dance with Ms. Rebecca
Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:00pm PT (40 mins)
We will be moving and grooving to Hip Hop, Salsa, lots of dances from all around the world, play games and make up our own dances. No experience necessary.
Targeted for K-5th graders and their families.
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Listen and Share stories with Wayne Harris.
Wednesdays at 4:00pm PT (40 mins)
All ages are welcome.
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Mr. Pachtman leads a Digital Storytelling class
Thursdays at 4:00pm PT (30-45 mins)
All ages are welcome
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Bruce Pachtman has worked with Marsh Youth Theatre as a storytelling teacher for the past five years. His approach: he introduces students to the basic concepts of storytelling using games, improvisation, and stories. He integrates art in all his projects. Students write every session and frequently tell their stories. In 2018, one of Bruce’s classes included students he had worked with for the past two years, three, even.

He knew he had to broaden his curriculum. Dex Craig, a professional videographer who works closely with Bruce on a number of projects, agreed to work with Bruce and his students on a video project. Students wrote the script, acted on camera, shot the video, and operated the special effects. Videography is now a central aspect of Bruce’s curriculum as is stop motion video and photography.