Past Risings


1/23/2019Who Killed Sylvia PlathLorri Holt
1/30/2019Hippie KidZappo Diddio
2/20/2019A Box Without a BottomDavid Hirata
3/6/2019Trump SonnetsKen Waldman
3/23/2019The Road TakenGeoff Hoyle
5/1/2019Vox in a BoxCandace Yvonne
5/8/2019The California Missions and Race TourFred Pitts
6/5/2019Overlooked LatinasTina D’elia
6/12/2019Grandma and MeBrian Copeland
7/24/2019Courage Under FireThomas Simpson
10/16/2019Adam and Eve on a RaftThe Book of Jones
11/6/2019Welcome to the Cancer CafeJudith C.
11/19/2019Planet DoReMiStephanie Weisman
11/20/2019Harsh SadnessEdna Mira Raia, James Sundquist,
James Green & Dan Foley
12/4/2019Solitary Man –
A Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison
Fred Johnson & Charlie Hinton


1/24/2018The Clyde Always ShowClyde Always
1/31/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
1/31/2018Bravo 25Eliza Gibson
2/21/2018Stop Stopping the UnstoppableRoss Everett
2/28/2018Keeping Up With The JorgensonsJeremy Greco
3/14/2018Yesterday is TomorrowGenie and Marie Cartier
3/21/2018The Last of the Red Hot TenantsLois Pearlman
3/28/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
4/18/2018Throwing Darts in TrafficHoward Egger-Bovet
5/9/2018Don’t you Have Dignity MamaXiaojuan Shu
5/22/2018Sex Math and SeizuresBárbara Selfridge
5/30/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
6/6/2018Trolls in Yoga PantsLisa Rothman
6/13/2018Thick and ThinKelly Rafferty
6/27/2018Border PeopleDan Hoyle
7/11/2018I Want to Sell DemocracyIram Herrera
7/12/2018On the BrinkLinda Joy
7/25/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
8/8/2018PolySHAMoryKate Robards
8/15/2018Unfriending TexasAnnette Roman
8/16/2018Inauguration VacationHarriett Patterson
9/5/2018I Love MenRuth Kynn Miller
9/12/2018Border PeopleDan Hoyle
9/19/2018An Evening with Wayne HarrisWayne Harris
9/26/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
9/26/2018The Happiest White Lady EverPearl Louise
9/27/2018Tennessee TimesRebecca Fisher
10/3/2018The Ins and Outs of Fingers Spoons and Open MarriagePascal Rogers
10/10/2018The Wrong Kind of PessimismPaul Sussman
10/16/2018I Should Have ListenedCarrie Kartman
10/21/2018Unfriending TexasHarriet Patterson & “Voices from the Projects”
11/7/2018The Designated DaughterVictoria Podesta
11/21/2018Border PeopleDan Hoyle
11/28/2018Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
12/12/2018You May Think I’m Funny But Its NotRabbi Sydney Mintz


1/18/2017Kicking FacebookMargery Kreitman
2/1/2017Tales of a Sexual TomboyJoyful Raven
3/29/2017Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
5/3/2017StoryborschtCharlie Varon
5/10/2017You Are Reminded That Your Safety Is Your Own ResponsibilityJanna Goodwin
5/17/2017Ain’t That RichKate Robards
5/31/2017Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
6/14/2017Two MindsLynne Kaufman
6/27/2017Taking the High RoadSheryl Glaser
7/19/2017A Glimpse of Emily Dickinson – Old-Fashioned Naughty EverythingChetana Karel-Michaan
7/26/2017Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
9/20/2017Gangsters In Freaky LandDavid Caggiano
9/27/2017Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
10/4/2017A Fatal StepJill Vice
10/18/2017Return to the Scene of the CrimeDavid Kleinberg
11/1/2017Fight for 52 CentsHoward Petrick
11/15/2017Why Would I Mispronounce My Own NameIrma Herrera
11/29/2017Brain ImprovsJosh Kornbluth
12/6/2017I’m Always Drunk in San FranciscoGeoff Pond


1/13/2016Grey MatterJulie Katz
2/3/2016Who Was I?Corey Fischer
2/17/2016Mom Spilled Guts on my Tater TotsKenny Yun
2/24/2016From Piss to BlissAdy Lady
3/9/2016Mincing WordsTom Ammiano
3/23/2016Solitary Man: My Visit to Pelican Bay State PrisonCharlie Hinton
4/6/2016Bruce Barthol Life and Songs: A Work In ProgressBruce Barthol
4/13/2016Summer in SanctuaryAl Letson
5/4/2016Holding The EdgeElaine Magree
5/11/2016Wake-Up CallJerry Franklin
5/18/2016The Moby Dick DiariesAndrea Mock
6/8/2016Two Big MouthsNaomi Newman and Linda Hirschhorn
6/29/2016Nigga-RooDazié Grego-Sykes
8/3/2016Eat Pray LaughAlicia Dattner
9/21/2016Nice is Not What We DoKathleen Denny
9/28/2016Erased: Babi Yar, the SS and MeCorey Weinstein
10/5/2016Daughter of a Garbage ManDaughter of a Garbage Man
10/12/2016My Stroke of LuckDiane Barnes
10/26/2016The Center of the LabyrinthShelley Campbell
11/16/2018What They Say About LoveSteve Budd
11/30/2016A Tension to DetailGerard Harris
12/7/2016The Amazing Bubble Man’s Show for Grown-Up KidsLouis Pearl


1/14/2015Oh No There’s Men On The LandKaren S Ripley
1/21/2015StereotypoDon Reed
1/28/2015HEY HEY, LBJ!David Kleinberg
3/11/2015Green Eyes- Just Like You and MeGary Walker
3/18/2015Inappropriate In All the Right WaysAnn Randolph
4/8/2015Crazy FamousSharon Eberhardt
5/19/2015Date Night at Pet EmergencyLisa Rothman
8/5/2015Mandarin OrangeKate Robards
10/7/2015Fifty-two LettersRegina Y. Evans
10/21/2015Colette UncensoredLorri Holt
11/4/2015Victory for the Recycled VirginHouston Robertson
11/18/2015Second Time AroundCharlie Varon


3/12/2014The Dark FantasticMartin Dockery
3/18/2014Memphis on my MindRebecca Fisher
6/25/2014Semi-Famous: Hollywood Hell Tales from the MiddleDon Reed
7/2/2014MelancholySara Felder
7/16/2014Playing My HandRachell Pell
7/30/2014My Body Love StoryDominika Bednarska
8/13/2014Passing on CurvesCraig McLaughlin
8/20/2014Are We There Yet?Richard Stockton
9/10/2014Doodu BoyStefhen Bryan
10/15/2014With HeldJeremy Julian Greco
10/22/2014Never Own Anything You Have to Paint or FeedHoward Petrick


2/6/2013Cheesecake and DemerolGene Gore
2/20/2013The LetterWayne Harris
2/27/2013Wake Up CallJerry Franklin
3/6/2013Wake Up CallJerry Franklin
3/6/13So You Can Hear MeSafiya Martinez
3/20/2013Two Women, Two StoriesVicki Dello Joio & Merry Ross
3/27/2013Patti IssuesBen Rimalower
4/24/2013Vermont Boy in West OaklandMichael Sommers
5/8/2013Whatever Happened to Sara JaneAdy Abbot
5/22/2013Jewish ChroniclesDaniel Cainer
5/29/2013Each and Every ThingDan Hoyle
6/19/13Nantucket, Part 1Mark Kenward
6/21/2013Pride BabyMargo Gomez
6/26/2013This Side of ImpossibleSebastian Boswell III
6/27/2013Each and Every ThingDan Hoyle
8/7/2013Oy of SexAlicia Dattner
9/25/2013Hitler’s Little Abomination
10/16/2013Each and Every ThingDan Hoyle
10/20/2013The Real AmericansDan Hoyle
11/6/2013Eating Pasta Off the FloorMaria Grazia Affinito
12/4/2013I Eat People Like You For BreakfastSteven Alan Green
12/7/2013Each and Every ThingDan Hoyle
12/12/2013The Real AmericansDan Hoyle


1/11/2012Abnormally FunnyJen Schiffman
2/8/2012The Imagine-a-Nation of a Lala ChildRivera Sun Cook
3/14/2012SuperHappyMelancholyexpidalidociousSeth Lepore
4/4/2012The Gospel According to MatthewMatthew Francis
5/2/2012The Stories of Cesar ChavezFred Blanco
5/9/2012Keith Moon, the Real MeMick Berry
5/23/2012Wind in the MirrorJosie Hyde
6/1/2012Street StoriesLarry Hankin
6/2/2012Street StoriesLarry Hankin
6/6/2012A Queer DivineSara Felder
6/13/2012Homeless in HomelandSaria Idana
6/14/2012An Evening of SongJetty Swart
7/10/2012Tyrone “Shortleg” JohnsonWayne Harris
9/19/2012Marta’s InfernoGaren Anderson
9/30/2012SqueezeboxAnn Rudolph
10/17/2012Steve Seabrook: Better Than YouKurt Bodden
10/24/2012The Rita Hayworth of This GenerationTina D’elia
11/7/2012Brooklyn HamletBrenda Adelman
11/14/2012PilgrimageElaine Magree
12/12/2012No Enlightened People Have Ever Come Out of the GhettoAndre Salvage


1/11/2011All My ChildrenMatt Smith
1/25/2011The Tiffany BoxKathleen Buckstaff
2/8/2011La Esquinita, USARuben C. Gonzales
2/22/11Madhouse RhythmJoshua Walters
3/8/2011Jump Theatre
3/15/11Jesus RideMack Schlitt
5/3/2011Rambo: The Missing YearsHoward Petrick
5/10/2011The VoiceDavid Kleinberg
6/7/2011Vital SignsAlison Whitaker
6/21/2011Donna/MadonnaJohn Paul Karliak
7/26/2011Heroes and Other strangersZac Jaffee
8/30/2011Wounded StagDan Carbone & Andrew Goldfarb
9/27/11Acid TestLynne Kaufman
10/14/2011Phone WhoreCameron Moore
10/18/11Walking on Turtle IslandRobert Owens-Greygrass
10/25/2011ShaheedAnna Khaja
11/8/11It Goes Without SayingBill Bowers
12/13/2011Finding the MichaelsCassie Angley


4/21/2010Performance ArtPhillipe Coquet & Carla Pauli
9/14/2010A Time to DanceLibby Skala
9/21/2010In Folds of GoldSha Sha Higby
10/26/2010Wretch Like MeDavid Templeton
11/9/2010You’re Gonna CryPaul Flores
12/7/2010The Other WomanAviva Layton
12/7/2010The Other WomanConnie May Flower
12/7/2010The Other WomanCaroline Leavitt
12/7/2010The Other WomanSherry Glaser-Love
12/7/2010The Other WomanMaxinne Rhea Leighton