Adam Strauss Is Not Unhappy

Adam Strauss’
Adam Strauss Is Not Unhappy


In-Person at The Marsh SF Studio

Written & Performed by Adam Strauss

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May 12 | June 2, 16, 2023
Fridays at 7:30pm 

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Online ticket sales close 2 hours before each performance,
and additional tickets may be available for purchase at the door.

75 minutes | No Intermission | Ages 15+
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About the Show

The newest work from the creator of The Mushroom Cure! Adam Strauss (“mines a great deal of laughter from disabling pain” -New York Times; “Arrestingly honest and howlingly funny” -Chicago Tribune) presents a mostly unscripted, entirely unguarded exploration of heartbreak, addiction, obsession, loneliness, and other hilarious things.


“Hilarious, moving, and extremely vulnerable. If you liked (or like me, loved) The Mushroom Cure,  you need to see this show!” – Connor S.

“This extraordinary show is at its core all about relationships and their intersection with mental illness. With his great humor and even greater vulnerability, Adam manages to crack our hearts open and send a message of hope – that life can be beautiful and fulfilling even as we’re struggling to break free from the shackles of the mind.” – Anna B.

“Like having a very intimate conversation with the funniest and most honest person you’ve ever met.” – Theresa K.

“Not quite stand-up, not quite monologue but rather the raw exploration of someone using the stage to understand himself, inviting us in for an intimate, hilarious and moving dive into his mind.” – Francisco R.

“Adam kept us hanging on his every word as he revealed an intense honesty while walking off the cliff of improvisation. I was carried away by the ride of emotions from laughter to tears as he basically opens up his own inner world for us to savor, while simultaneously making us reflect on our own stories.” – Carly K.

“Courageously transparent – I loved Adam’s existential and psychological take on life.” – Mara K.

“Adam blends stagecraft, improvisation, and comedy to paint a portal into his mind and life that helps us to see our own strange journeys through growth, love, and change. Adam’s unabashed honesty and humor is guaranteed to make you not unhappy.” – Larry M.

“Adam Strauss is Not Unhappy isn’t what you’re expecting, no matter what you’re expecting. Adam is a master storyteller, able to weave seemingly disparate yarns from his life into cohesive mosaics that help us shine a light into the shadowy mysteries within us. Sharing his experiences with drugs, mental health, the search for love and more, Adam invites us into his life and gives us backstage passes to his most intimate and personal inner workings. He does so with such honesty, humor, and deftness that we can’t help but recognize those inner workings as our own. Do yourself a favor. See this show and then see it again.” – Kirk B. 

“An irreverent and unpredictable romp through the neuroses and desires of a tender heart. Sharp wit meets tragic sweetness.” – Nick B.

About the Performer

Adam Strauss is a writer and performer based in NYC. He won the Leffe Craft Your Character Storytelling Competition and the New York Fringe Festival’s Overall Excellence Award for Solo Performance. He is also a stand-up comedian who performs throughout the US and the UK. Strauss received his BA in psychology from Brown University.